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We Help Make Your IT Fantastic.
For Companies who want IT completely managed by us


We Help Your Tech Team Make IT Fantastic.
For Organizations With Internal IT Teams

Forget long business outages when your computers or servers go down and your local guy has to poke around under the hood for days. Gone are the times of waiting & waiting for tech support to come out, only to hit you with a hefty invoice for a temporary fix. No more extended downtime with idle employees and sidelined machines that cost your business revenue…

Here’s where Fantastic IT steps in, with a radically different IT philosophy. Instead of reacting to tech problems that set your business back, let our tech team at Fantastic IT proactively monitor, fix, and manage your tech pieces. We’re not here to nickel and dime you on the little things or provide temporary band aids – our goal is to create a comprehensive roadmap of your current technology infrastructure, identifying both bottlenecks and inefficiencies so that our expert analysts can predict and solve problems long before they hurt the day-to-day operation of your business.

Make IT issues that hurt both your pocketbook and your productivity a thing of the past. With one flat monthly fee, Fantastic IT is here to revolutionize the way you see tech. Here are 12 ways our managed IT service team is changing the game:

How We Make Your IT…Fantastic

Explore our suite of co-managed and fully-managed IT services and solutions.

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Dedicated Support

We provide UNLIMITED technical service and support for any computer, network, software, e-mail, or internet issue. Our team of experts is ready and available to answer questions, log-in remotely, and get you up and running FAST. And if you need an extra pair of hands, we’ll come to you.

FIT Securer
Security & Protection

Maintaining the security of your business data and machines is more important than ever before. Fantastic IT safeguards your business operation from attacks, hacks, breaches of sensitive data, and more with best in class network equipment, software, ongoing risk assessments and proactive tune ups, to keep your information safe and sound.

Proactive Maintenance

To help keep your systems running at their optimal level and prevent avoidable tech challenges, Fantastic IT’s technicians perform systematic updates and maintenance on all of your machines. You’ll never miss another patch, update, or hotfix ever again…including Microsoft, Apple, and more.

Recovery and Backup
Data Recovery & Backup

At Fantastic IT, we know how important your business information and business continuity is to you, so we perform at minimum, a full DAILY image backup of your servers to ensure you hold on to every single byte. Then our data experts monitor the success or failure of every backup. So technically…even our backups have backups.

Network Management
Network Management

As your IT specialists, we’re always monitoring the overall health, speed and connectivity of your network… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. That means from your servers to your printers and everything in between, your business stays up and running.

computer hardware planning
Hardware Planning

Our team of Hardware Specialists can help you navigate the sea of prices, features, and specs of all the latest and greatest hardware options for your business needs. We can also help plan and build custom hardware solutions to meet your outcome… and your budget.

Tech Consulting

With over 20 years of industry experience, Fantastic IT’s consulting and project planning services can help you develop a technology road map and a master plan to reach your goals. Stop guessing and start getting things done…smoother and faster than ever before.

Server management
Server Management

Whether in your office or in the cloud, servers are the heart of your technology infrastructure, which is why our team of highly trained specialists monitor performance, maintenance, and operation on an ongoing basis…conducting active tests and upkeep on your critical server functions to increase speed and reliability.

secure email
Hosted & Secure E-mail

Fantastic IT provides a range of onsite, managed, and hosted e-mail solutions to suit your business needs. We’ll support you in making key decisions about your e-mail solutions, integrating your devices, anti-spam protection, training, backups and more.

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Cloud Integration

Virtualize your operations and run them from the cloud with Fantastic IT’s cloud and hybrid cloud integration solutions.  Reduce hardware costs, improve your operational reliability, and have access to your email, core files and systems any time, any place.

Phone Systems

Jump into the 21st century with Fantastic IT’s VoIP phone system technology.  Modernize your current phone system, add new features to the call experience, and get rid of outdated hardware and installations.

more than listed
More Than What’s Listed

Don’t see a solution here that fits your needs?  Luckily our tech experts can customize a hybrid alternative that actually works for your business type and operational structure – find out what Fantastic IT can do for you.

“Fantastic IT has been the one stop solution to all my computer and technology problems at Animal Emergency Medical Center (AEMC). We are a 24 hour Specialty and Emergency Veterinary Hospital and I can never have my computers go down. Tom and his crew handle all our IT services, from our basic computer needs to complex imaging requirements. Fantastic IT established a backup system that instantly recovers any potential lost data, and a backup server that keeps us running when hardware fails. Superlative customer service and cutting edge technology define Fantastic IT.”
-Jonnie Quantz DVM, President and CEO, Animal Emergency Medical Center

“The Fantastic IT team successfully mated current Windows technology with an older software platform designed for single location applications and made it fly! I’m still impressed by the seamless integration and ease of use. I highly recommend the experts over at Fantastic IT.”
-Robert Van Lingen, Van Lingen Public Safety Impound Services