When your technology systems fail, how often are you at the mercy of someone else’s availability or expertise? How many different companies and providers do you have to interact with to keep things running smoothly? Can your business really afford to keep paying all of those “fix-it” bills over and over again for the same problems?

Whether you’re an in-house IT provider that needs co-managed solutions, or you’re a business owner that needs fully-managed support, we’re here to help.


Our mission is to help you focus on what matters for your business. We create and support a solid tech infrastructure, prevent problems before they happen, and have fast, friendly, reliable support…all for one flat fee.

If you’re ready to defend against the loss of productivity, extended downtime, and high consulting fees, then you’re more than ready for fully-managed IT services.


Six Reasons Why Managed IT Services Are Good For Your Business.

Time Is Of The Essence

Instead of just waiting for something to break so we can fix it, our IT experts proactively monitor your systems, conducting preventive maintenance to detect and eliminate computer problems before they occur, saving you time and money.

24/7 Support with Answers

The Fantastic IT tech team is ready to support you with lightning-fast speed. Through a combination of remote access logins, help desk support calls, and onsite support…we’ll make sure your issues are addressed promptly and professionally.

No Technobabble

Don’t worry, we speak fluent human. At Fantastic IT, we carefully choose each employee based on their ability to communicate as well as their technical expertise. We’ll make sure you not only understand what’s happening, but you’ll also enjoy the experience as well.

Seamless Solutions

We specialize in working with the systems you have and seamlessly integrating them with the systems you need. This ensures a smooth and steady transition. No interruptions and no downtime… and a new partner you can finally trust.

Just What You Need, Nothing More

We’ve always been honest and transparent with our clients about which services are right for their business. You’ll never be over-investing in your technology because every solution we provide comes tailored to your needs, resources, and budget.

Reliability That Just Makes Sense

We deliver the reliability and performance you need to manage your technology so you can focus on productivity and profitability. We never call in sick or take a vacation so we are always available to assist you.