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We believe IT has evolved. Today businesses need both Managed IT (MSP) and Advanced Managed IT Security (MSSP). Get the support, coverage, and flexibility you need.


Proactive and reactive support included. We’ll manage all of your IT systems & services for one flat fee.


Full cloud and hybrid cloud solutions reduce ongoing hardware costs and increase scalability.


Achieve maximum protection
against digital intruders and data breaches.


The technology planning, IT budgeting, and technical guidance you need.


Fantastic IT is an award-winning IT service company specializing in managed IT services (MSP) and advanced security solutions (MSSP).

We believe IT has evolved. Today businesses need both Managed IT (MSP) and Advanced Managed IT Security (MSSP).

Get the support, coverage, and flexibility you need.

Our name is our promise, and we’re Fantastic IT.


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Managed IT for Your Business (MSP)

Get the support, coverage, and flexibility you need.

Every company wants to have an in-house IT team, complete with specialists and technicians who cover a 24/7 helpdesk. But most small and medium-sized businesses can’t afford the kind of support Fortune 500 firms get… or they couldn’t until now.

At Fantastic IT, we offer comprehensive managed IT plans that get you the help you need at an affordable and predictable monthly rate. It’s like having a corporate-level technology team without the full-time payroll costs.

24/7 Proactive IT Care

Let our team of technicians keep an eye on your systems round-the-clock and resolve issues proactively so they never impact your team or bottom line.

Full-Time Tech Coverage

With a fully staffed managed services team on your side, you never have to worry that your business will be left without coverage due to illness, vacation, or turnover.

A Fast & Friendly Helpdesk

We are here when you need us. Simply jump on a call, start a video chat, or have a member of our team visit your location to address issues within minutes.

The Flexibility to Scale

Need more IT support for your growing business? Scaling back and want to lower your monthly commitment? We give you the flexibility you need. 

Flat-Rate Billing

You’ll never have to guess how much we are going to charge for our services. Every plan is tailored to your needs and budget, and billing is always transparent.

Permanent Cost Savings

Utilizing outsourced specialists on an as-needed basis is a cost-effective way to reduce your IT budget. The longer you work with us the more you save.

As proud as we are of our capabilities, we know it’s not only about what we do – how we work matters, too. Contact Fantastic IT today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help. 

Fantastic IT Managed Security Services (MSSP)

Having a trained and dedicated team look after things like hardware, software, technology repairs, and installations or upgrades is crucial to the success of your business. However, in today’s world, businesses don’t just need maintenance and support – they also need the right combination of security tools and services.

That’s where our managed security services (MSSP) come in. Just like our managed IT (MSP) packages, MSSP provides ongoing support for a flat simple monthly rate and additionally includes advanced features that keep you, your customers, and your business protected against known and unknown cyber threats.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Who is watching your networking data when you are asleep or away on vacation? We ensure there is always someone with an eye on your critical systems and sensitive information and data.

Security Information Management

It’s important to keep sensitive information – like login IDs and passwords – out of the wrong hands. We can help you ensure they are protected within your company.

Dark Web Monitoring

We comb the dark web, where criminals operate, to ensure no information about your business is being distributed. We take action when necessary to change passwords and credentials.

Security Awareness Training

Your staff is the first and most important line of defense against criminals. We’ll make sure everyone on your team knows how to spot and avoid potential cybersecurity problems.

Breach Detection

When hackers do attempt to break into your business, time is of the essence. We respond quickly to suspicious activity to mitigate any negative effects.

Patch Management

Most cybercrimes aren’t sophisticated. Instead, they involve thieves taking advantage of known problems with popular software. We close those points of entry with regular updates.

Backup and Disaster (BDR) Device Management

We’ll do everything we can to keep you protected from hackers and thieves. But if you are affected then we will have a plan to get you up and running again quickly.

Two-Factor Authentication

This simple but crucial tool makes it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access sensitive company data and is a great way to prevent thieves from attacking your network.

It’s probably easier and much less expensive than you might think to get the security support your company needs. Contact Fantastic IT today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help. 


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