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Does your business have the expert IT guidance necessary to
plan effectively for its future?

Ever wish you could have a highly trained technology executive on your staff, ensuring that you’re using the right tools to keep your business moving forward? Have you ever wondered whether you’re spending too much or too little on hardware, software, and mobile devices?

Most business owners and executives aren’t experts in technology. They know they need better advice and forecasting but can’t afford the six-figure salary required to bring a Chief Information Officer onboard. At Fantastic IT we have the answer: a virtual CIO service that lets you get the expertise you need, when it matters, at a low fixed rate.

Imagine having someone on your team who could help you make the most of existing technology, maximize your budgets, and plan for the future… and only pay for the help you need. That’s what makes our virtual CIO service a game-changer.

You can get our technical experts to help your business in many ways, including:

Technology Planning

What are your business goals for the next quarter, year, and decade? And how could you use technology to support them? A virtual CIO can help you find the answers.

IT Budgeting

Looking to cut costs or create more accurate IT budgets? Want to know if you’re spending enough on hardware and software to keep up with your competitors? Your virtual CIO can fill in the blanks.


Keeping data safe has never been more important. A virtual CIO can help with online security, backup, data recovery plans, and so much more.

Specialized Consulting

If you are facing big IT projects – like moving to a new facility, opening an additional location, or upgrading your systems – having an on-call tech executive can save you time and money.

Upgrade Forecasting

The devices and software you have today won’t last forever. Your virtual CIO can help you plan and budget for future upgrades and replacements.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed IT?

A Managed IT Service Provider (or MSP) is a company that serves you just as an in-house technology department would, managing and repairing your systems for a flat monthly fee. Your managed services plan will outline all the tasks that are covered, along with a flat fee predictable rate.

Can managed IT save me money?

According to salary.com, the median salary of one Information Technology Manager in the U.S. ranges between $109k-163k per year, not including bonuses and benefits. Fantastic IT provides an entire team of skilled IT professionals at a fraction of the cost.

What industries do you serve?

We currently have more than 200 clients, so our support covers a number of different industries. However, many of the small and medium-sized businesses we serve are in fields like financial services, legal, healthcare, nonprofit, manufacturing, and professional services. A typical client might have anywhere from 20 to 400 employees, although we certainly work with companies that are larger and smaller, as well.

What if we have a problem outside business hours or on holidays?

One of the best things about having a dependable managed IT services partner is that we are available 24/7/365 to support you and your staff. Regardless of when you need help, you can simply call our office and opt for emergency technical assistance. Our team will follow up with you in an expedited manner.


Do you work with existing IT team members?

Yes. This is called a co-managed IT arrangement and it is a very common way for us to work with clients. We simply get to know your business and provide extra help and expertise to your technical team for whatever you or they need. And, if you find that your resources are being spread too thin, we can help you identify issues, support your employees, and even develop strategic plans to help you keep your business running smoothly.

What if We Need to Change Our Service Plan?

That’s no problem. You can always scale your managed services agreement up or down to reflect current needs, budgets, and priorities. While it would be difficult to hire and release full-time employees quickly, your managed IT partner can help you find the flexibility you need to run your business.