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Data protection, backup, and recovery tend to be hugely underappreciated parts of business-IT strategy as a whole… right up until the moment when they make or break the organization. Most small and medium-sized companies opt for “data only” backups that create copies of individual hard drive files. That might work for the odd PC or device, but it offers no protection against a system-wide crash or hack. Those are the ones that can grind your business to a halt.

This might be a good time to remind you that these kinds of data-related “disasters” aren’t nearly as rare as you might imagine. While they can certainly be caused by natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, major data loss can also result from power surges, employee mistakes, ransomware, improper software updates, and dozens of other causes. Failing to plan for them is no different than planning to fail. Luckily, you don’t have to think through every potential hazard or wonder how you can keep your company, data, and customers protected. We have the solutions you need.

Why Clients Love Our Backup and Recovery Plans

At Fantastic IT, we combine software, expertise, and award-winning hardware backup solutions to provide true total recovery. In the event of a disaster or mishap, we use on- and off-site data redundancy (combined with instant virtualization) to boot your business back up in moments. In other words, no matter what happens, your company continues operating at full capacity.

This kind of blanket coverage is only possible because we use cutting-edge tools and forward-thinking risk analysis assessments. For instance, we keep files backed up locally for instant availability, but also synchronize your backups – using encrypted file transfers – to separate data centers located on either side of the United States. We are constantly looking for new threats, and diving into the details, so you don’t have to.

Our data protection backup plans aren’t just about technical schematics and capabilities. Talk to our customers and they’ll tell you that these are the parts of our plan they love the most:


We go deeper than other IT providers do when it comes to data protection. While some firms might settle for simple file backups, we build comprehensive contingency plans that keep you covered even in the event of a major disaster.


From the moment you engage our team we will get to work on keeping your business protected. In fact, we can have you up and running with an automated and encrypted data protection plan within a matter of days.


Not only do our data protection plans keep your company safe from server failures and other catastrophes, but you won’t even notice them running in the background. You’ll have the safety you need but without any disruptions to your day-to-day operations.


Getting advanced data protection for your small or medium-sized business doesn’t have to stretch your budget. You may even save money by lowering your insurance premiums or having the option to cancel overlapping subscriptions that will no longer be needed.

Don’t Wait for a Data Recovery Emergency… Act Today!

We can do everything it takes to help you protect your business against unexpected data loss. The one thing we can’t do, though, is force you to get the coverage and care you need before it threatens your operations or profitability.

Don’t wait for the known and unknown risks to your company to catch up with you. Contact the data protection backup experts at Fantastic IT today so we can put our expertise to work for you!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What data protection services does Fantastic IT offer?

We provide robust data protection services, including end-to-end encryption, secure data storage, and advanced cybersecurity measures to safeguard your information.

How do you ensure my data is always available when I need it?

We use redundant backup systems and cloud solutions for high availability, allowing you to access your data whenever required with minimal downtime.

What makes Fantastic IT's backup solutions superior?

Our backup solutions stand out due to their automation, regular testing, and customization to meet your business’s unique needs, ensuring reliable data recovery.

Can you customize a data protection plan for my business?

Yes, Fantastic IT specializes in creating tailored data protection plans that consider your business size, needs, and industry-specific compliance demands. 

How does Fantastic IT handle data backup for remote and on-site workers?

We implement a centralized backup strategy to capture data from multiple endpoints, providing comprehensive protection for both remote and on-site workers.

What steps do you take to protect against data breaches?

Fantastic IT deploys multi-layered security measures, conducts regular vulnerability scans, and provides staff training to enhance data breach protection.

How frequently does Fantastic IT perform data backups?

Fantastic IT’s data backups are scheduled according to your business needs, data size and solution chosen. From daily to even hourly, including both local and cloud backups, we ensure that you are protected for both data loss and business continuity.

Do you offer off-site or cloud-based backup services?

Yes, we offer both off-site and cloud-based backup services, ensuring your data is securely stored and easily recoverable from various locations.

How can you help with data compliance regulations?

We help you navigate data compliance regulations by implementing compliant data protection protocols and providing guidance on regulatory standards.

Can we access our backup data at any time?

Absolutely, with Fantastic IT, you have access to your backup data at any time, ensuring full control and availability as needed.

What is your process for restoring data if we experience loss?

Our process involves immediate action with a clear restoration plan, leveraging our backups to minimize data loss and restore operations swiftly.

How secure are your data backup and transfer processes?
Our backup and transfer processes are highly secure, utilizing encryption and secure channels to prevent unauthorized access during transit.
Can you manage backups across different platforms and devices?

Fantastic IT can manage backups across a diverse range of platforms and devices, offering a unified backup solution for your entire digital ecosystem.

What is the retention policy for backups at Fantastic IT?
Our backup retention policy is customizable to your needs, ensuring data is retained for the optimal duration to meet business and regulatory requirements.