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Get more and spend less with cloud technology. Getting the software you need to keep your company moving used to involve keeping disks and paying for expensive licenses. Not only did you have to worry about the physical products, and where they were installed, but you also had to make difficult decisions when a new release rendered your existing purchases obsolete. Do you keep using outdated software or spend a fortune starting over with a new version that may or may not have the features you rely on?

All of those concerns have disappeared with the rise of cloud-based software. When you use apps that are in the cloud, you pay a low monthly fee based on the number of users in your business. There’s no need to hold on to physical products or worry about buying the next version – you get the latest release for a low, predictable fee. This isn’t just a different way to think about software, it’s a better way to run your business.

Flexible Productivity

With cloud-based apps, you and your team can work from anywhere you can find a web connection. That means being productive in the office, a coffee shop, or even your kitchen table.

Scalable Licensing

Need to quickly add new employees, vendors, or workstations to your business? Want to cut back and save money? Cloud software gives you the flexibility to scale your business up or down in a flash.

Increased Security

Outdated software represents a huge security issue for most small and medium-sized businesses. When you move to the cloud you automatically get the latest releases, complete with security patching.

Real-Time Updates

Instant software updates also mean you always have access to the latest features and integrations. Confidently know you have the safest and best-performing version of every app you use.

Better Software

Cloud-based apps are subject to a great deal of testing and user feedback, even after their release. That means most apps are incredibly easy to use and learn, making your team more productive.

Why Wouldn’t You Switch?

When you put it all together the cloud can give you better software, more security, and significant cost savings… all while making your cash flow more predictable. You can even choose to scale your services up or down at any time. Why would you ever buy software any other way?


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud integration and management in the context of MSP services?

Cloud integration and management involve the orchestration of various cloud services into a single, cohesive IT strategy, enabling seamless operation and access across platforms. As part of our MSP services, Fantastic IT ensures that all cloud components work harmoniously, providing streamlined workflows and centralized management for your business.

How does Fantastic IT handle the integration of cloud services with existing IT infrastructure?

We handle cloud service integration with meticulous planning and execution, ensuring compatibility with your existing IT infrastructure. We assess your current setup, identify the optimal cloud solutions, and manage the integration process from start to finish, prioritizing minimal downtime and business continuity.

What are the benefits of cloud integration services provided by Fantastic IT?

The benefits of cloud integration with Fantastic IT include enhanced efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. Our services also offer cost savings through optimized resource utilization, improved collaboration with cloud-based tools, and strengthened security measures for your cloud operations.

Can you manage multi-cloud environments for diverse business needs?

Yes, we specialize in managing multi-cloud environments, offering tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of your business. We provide expertise in orchestrating various cloud platforms, ensuring they work together to support your business objectives.

How does Fantastic IT ensure data security during cloud integration?

Fantastic IT ensures data security during cloud integration by employing industry-leading practices, such as encryption, access controls, and secure data transfer protocols. We prioritize the protection of your data at every stage of the cloud integration process.

Do you support all the major cloud platforms?

Yes, Fantastic IT supports all major cloud platforms, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Office365, and others, ensuring that you have access to the best cloud solutions that fit your business requirements.

How can you help with cloud migration and implementation?

Fantastic IT simplifies cloud migration and implementation through careful planning, skilled execution, and continuous support. We handle everything from data transfer to application deployment, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

What cost savings can be expected from cloud integration services?

With Fantastic IT’s cloud integration services, businesses can expect significant cost savings from reduced on-premises infrastructure expenses, optimized resource usage, and the flexibility to scale services to meet demand without overinvesting.

Can Fantastic IT provide customized cloud solutions for my specific industry?

Absolutely, Fantastic IT offers customized cloud solutions tailored to the unique demands of various industries, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure aligns with your specific business challenges and goals.

Do you offer consulting on cloud strategies and architecture?

Yes, we offer expert consulting services on cloud strategies and architecture, helping you to develop a cloud infrastructure that’s robust, scalable, and perfectly suited to your business objectives.

How does Fantastic IT maintain compliance with industry standards in the cloud?

Fantastic IT maintains compliance by staying updated with the latest regulations and implementing stringent controls and protocols that meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is compliant and secure.

How does Fantastic IT approach cloud security and risk management?
Our approach to cloud security and risk management involves a comprehensive strategy, including regular risk assessments, implementing multi-layered security measures, and proactive monitoring to safeguard your cloud environment against potential threats.