The 3 Lines of Data Security

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In the process of meeting with business owners and executives every week, we have learned quite a bit about the way they think when it comes to technology. One thing we have noticed is that most tend to think of data security as being a very technical issue. They worry about hackers and cyber criminals, but their anxiety tends to … Read More

How to Help Your IT Provider Help You

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Most of the time, a good outsourced IT provider is simply going to work behind the scenes and help you keep your business running smoothly while staying out of the way. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help make their job easier. Make no mistake: it’s in your best interests to have your technology care … Read More

Does Your Small Business Need an Advanced CRM?

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In the last few years, the growth of advanced CRM solutions (cloud software packages like HubSpot and Infusionsoft) have allowed small businesses to utilize data in the way their larger Fortune 500 competitors do. With the right application you can zero in on specific buyers and influencers, tailor your marketing campaigns, and even monitor customer engagement in real-time. And, you … Read More

How to Make Small Business IT Budgeting More Predictable

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As we have mentioned in the past, one of the top complaints business owners have about IT budgeting is that it can seem so unpredictable. It’s difficult to forecast future tech expenses when you don’t know what will be coming out, which of your existing devices might break or fail, and how your technology budget will be affected by future … Read More

4 Reasons Your Data Backups Should Be Stored in the Cloud

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As a small business owner or manager, you know how important it is to have extra copies of your most important data. You’ve seen enough headlines, or read enough of our articles, to understand that even minor tragedies like lightning strikes could wipe out customer records, financial documents, and other important details you need to run your company. What you … Read More

5 Myths You Might Believe About Computer Hacking

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As IT professionals, we have mixed feelings about the way Hollywood tends to portray our industry. On the one hand, it’s fun that movies portray us as young, attractive people who only fit our technical work in between international travel and kung fu lessons. On the other hand, though, a lot of the business owners we meet with hold onto … Read More

It’s Time For Your IT Consulting Session

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With summer winding down and the busy part of the business calendar coming back into focus, you are likely thinking ahead to lots of new projects and initiatives. You might need to make new hires, open up a new location, or test out some fresh marketing initiatives. Or, you could be looking forward to cost-cutting measures and/or training for your … Read More

4 Problems That Come From Moving Your Own Business Technology

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In theory, taking the technology you have from an existing office and moving it to a new setting should be simple. All you have to do is unplug everything, send it to your new location, and reconnect the cords and cables, right? Unfortunately, it’s not usually so simple. In fact, deciding to move your own technology can end up costing … Read More

4 Major IT Budgeting Blunders Explained

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If the business owners and executives we have heard from over the years are anything to go by, IT budgeting isn’t something most business people enjoy. Many seem to have the distinct impression that they are spending too much and not enough all at once. That is, they wish they were getting more from their tech expenses, while simultaneously wishing … Read More

Why End of Summer is the Perfect Time to Get IT Help

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Have you been thinking about getting some help with your company’s IT strategy, or maybe engaging the services of a trained technology support partner? If so, this might be the perfect time to take action. Although a lot of business owners and executives don’t realize it, summer can be the ideal time to onboard an outsourced IT vendor or make … Read More

What Does Great Small Business IT Look Like?

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We are always surprised to see how many small and medium-sized business owners settle for IT care that isn’t as strong as it could be. In speaking with them, however, we often discover that they didn’t really have the right expectations in the first place. That’s easy to understand, particularly when you consider that most business owners and executives aren’t … Read More

4 Times You Need a Written IT Plan

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As our clients know, there are several different layers of comprehensive IT care. In some cases, simply having 24/7 monitoring and trained technicians on-call isn’t enough. There are certain instances in which it makes sense to have a written plan to guide you through an intensive process. This is something business owners – and even careless IT vendors – can … Read More

Fantastic IT: A Great Place to Work!

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We aren’t embarrassed to admit that we think Fantastic IT is the best place a great tech expert can work in Southern California. We’ve got an unbeatable location, a stellar reputation, wonderful benefits, and terrific perks for ongoing training. Obviously, this is one of the things we mention to potential applicants when we are recruiting. However, it’s also something we … Read More

Fantastic IT Included in the MSP 501 List!

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When you work hard to provide a little something extra, every bit of recognition feels great. All the new accounts, customer testimonials, and acknowledgments from the business community just validate that you’re on the right course. However, there is something really special about being recognized within your own industry. That’s why we are so excited to announce that Fantastic IT … Read More