How a Little Bit of IT Training Can Save Your Business Huge Amounts of Money

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Although many of our new clients don’t necessarily realize it, providing training to business owners and employees is an important part of what we do. Naturally, we don’t try to turn them into technical experts. However, by showing some simple tips and procedures, we can help them avoid huge problems and save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars every … Read More

Stop! Read This Before Fixing Your Own Tech

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There are a lot of mistakes business owners and managers make when it comes to technology. It’s unfortunate that the most common also tends to be the one that’s easiest to avoid – deciding to “fix” their own hardware software instead of calling a professional. It’s easy to understand why people decide to undertake DIY IT projects. There are lots … Read More

Are You Forgetting an Important IT Task?

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Summer is around the corner, and that means things will slow down at a lot of companies across Southern California. Owners and executives will be thinking about long vacations and (hopefully) sometime spent not worrying about their businesses. If you want to make your summer season as stress-free as possible, we hope you’ll take our advice and pay attention to … Read More

What Should You Do With Old Computers and Hardware?

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Today’s businesses are more reliant on technology than ever before. Whether you have a one-person company or an enterprise with thousands of employees you’re probably upgrading computers, phones, and tablets more frequently than ever before. But, while there is a lot of knowledge out there to help you decide what to get and when to invest in it, there isn’t … Read More

3 Ways to Smooth Out Your IT Cashflow

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For a lot of small and medium-sized businesses the hardest part about managing technology isn’t making computers, phones, and software work together – it’s devising a regular budget that makes sense. That’s because some IT expenses (like emergency repairs and equipment upgrades, for example) can seem to be unpredictable in their amounts and timing. IT budgeting doesn’t have to be … Read More

Why Everyone at Your Company Wants Outsourced IT Help

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Meeting with new clients usually means talking to a business owner, department head, or technology executive. Any of these might make a buying decision based on their own unique criteria – like cost efficiency, team productivity, or pressing data security concerns. However, one thing we try to help the men and women we meet with to understand is that when … Read More

3 Myths About Viruses and Malware

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We spend a lot of time talking to new and prospective clients about computer viruses and malware. The business owners and executives we meet with are understandably worried about the damage hackers can do to their companies and want to know how we’ll protect them. As part of our consultation process, we try to inform businesspeople about the threats they … Read More

7 Surprising Environmental Factors That Can Affect Your Tech

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When technology isn’t working the way it’s supposed to, or lasting as long as it should, businesspeople tend to look for easy fixes. They assume a piece of hardware was defective, for example, or that they should have bought a different item. That can sometimes be the case, but it’s also true that there are a number of environmental factors … Read More

Why Switching Software is Trickier Than You Think

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There are a lot of reasons businesses might decide to move from one software product, suite, or package to another. In some cases the switch might have to do with pricing. In other instances the deciding factor might be a certain package of features, or even the aesthetics in terms of menus and colors. No matter what the reason, though, … Read More

3 Technologies That Are Quietly Changing the Small Business World

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Everyone knows that artificial intelligence, mobile computing, and advanced robotics are poised to completely transform our world in the next few decades. What many business owners and executives don’t realize, though, is that there are some more subtle technologies that are already changing the way we live and work in significant ways. Here are three in particular that you should … Read More

How to Choose Tech for Your Employees

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Buying pieces of technology for your employees is a little bit different than purchasing them for your own business use. For one thing, you know exactly what you need and why it can help you work more efficiently. Your employees might not have that same level of insight, and they probably aren’t aware (or as dialed into) of your concerns … Read More

Adjusting Your Tech Anxiety Level

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Does the thought of dealing with new technology in 2019 fill you with excitement, or does it leave you with a sense of dread? In pop culture, it’s almost always older people who feel overwhelmed by the latest devices, apps, and gadgets. In real life, though, any business owner or executive can find themselves wondering whether they are spending too … Read More

7 Ways to Get More From Business Tech in 2019

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The New Year is here, and that means business owners and executives throughout Southern California are going to be thinking about ways they can improve their businesses. In our experience, most small and medium-sized companies don’t pay enough attention to their tech when it comes to setting goals and trimming budgets. So, just in case you haven’t been finding the … Read More

Using Smart Data and Automation To Make Your Business More Efficient

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We have reached a strange point in the development of business technology. On the one hand, we have new and exciting tools that are revolutionizing every aspect of entrepreneurship and management. You can do things on a smart phone today that would have been impossible with a computer just a couple of decades ago. On the other hand, there are … Read More

5 Fantastic Side Benefits Of Having A Managed Services Agreement

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If you own or run a business, the chances are good that you are already aware of the big benefits associated with having a managed services agreement with a reputable outsourced IT team. You get regular proactive maintenance on your technology at a fixed low monthly rate (eliminating expensive unplanned repairs and upgrades in the process). That’s not all there … Read More

Is Your 2019 IT Budget Realistic?

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With the end of the year looming, we know a lot of business owners and executives will be setting budgets and priorities for 2019. And if this year is like every other in recent memory, a lot of you will be wondering how much you should set aside for technology. Most of the small and medium-sized companies we work with … Read More