Are You on the Lookout for Common IT Disasters?

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One of the most important reasons to engage a competent outsourced IT vendor is to protect yourself against emergencies. When earthquakes, floods, and other tragedies strike, the data that is lost in damaged drives and servers is often more valuable than the real estate and other physical holdings that need to be replaced. It’s entirely possible that your technology – … Read More

How Much of Your Own IT Work Should You be Doing?

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Successful business owners tend to be hands-on people. They know the value in having a working knowledge of all their systems and equipment, and also like to save money where they can. As a consequence, many are involved in the process of installing, maintaining, and upgrading their own business software. Sometimes, however, this DIY approach to technology can be counterproductive. … Read More

4 Reasons Your Business Might Not Have an IT Strategy

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If our observations are any guide, there are an amazing number of business owners and executives out there that aren’t pursuing any discernible IT strategy at all. These men and women buy new hardware or software when they’re convinced that they need it, and pay for IT support when they absolutely can’t find the answers to a problem, but there … Read More

Why Don’t More IT Firms Offer Financial Advice on Tech?

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At Fantastic IT, one of the things that makes us different from our colleagues and competitors is a commitment to consulting. We get to know the companies and decision-makers we work with so we can help them to set the right priorities and make good decisions about tech investments. We don’t give advice on mergers or investments, of course, but … Read More

Evaluating‌ ‌Employee‌ ‌Tech‌ ‌Requests‌ ‌

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Does this sound familiar: you’re getting ready to leave work on a Friday afternoon when an employee stops by, or perhaps sends you an email asking for a new piece of technology that you’ve never purchased before? Most business owners and executives have been through this experience. And, it can lead to positive or negative outcomes depending on how the … Read More

3 Problems With “Pay As You Go” Tech Support

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For decades, the outsourced IT support industry worked on a very simple business model. When something broke that a business owner or executive couldn’t fix, they would turn to outside professionals to come in and solve the problem. After the job was done, the vendor left, sent the bill, and waited for the next crisis that would necessitate a phone … Read More

4 IT “Extras” That Pay Off In A Big Way

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In the minds of most business owners, hiring an outsourced IT company is about having a team come in to repair hardware, fix network outages, and deal with other unplanned tech-related issues. However, they are often pleasantly surprised to learn that our team can help out with other projects, too. Those little “extras” might not make it into case studies … Read More

Should Form Factor and Aesthetics Matter for IT Purchases?

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So, you’ve seen the latest gadget or device advertised and think it looks really cool. Should that factor into your buying decision? This is a more complicated question than a lot of business owners and executives might realize. For one thing, technology companies base a great deal of their marketing on sleek images and quick video cuts that are designed … Read More

The One IT Question More Business Owners Should Ask

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When it comes to technology purchases, investments, and decisions, business owners have lots of questions. Why shouldn’t they? The majority of them are experts in profitability, or their industries, but not IT. It’s only natural that they’ll want to know about things like cost, compatibility, and upgrades. With all of that being said, though, there is an IT question we … Read More

Are You Ignoring a Big Factor in Tech Upgrades?

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Managing tech upgrades for your small or medium-sized business can be a daunting task. There are overlapping budgets and capabilities to consider, not to mention aesthetics and personal preferences. Put all of that together and it’s easy to overspend, get the wrong thing, or end up with the newest version of a device that isn’t all it was promised to … Read More

4 Ways to Make Your Employees More Productive With Tech

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Why does your company invest in new computers, devices, apps, or software packages? Although you may feel like those expenses are necessities, or just “costs of doing business,” the ultimate goal is probably to make your team more efficient and productive. In other words, you want to give them the tools they need to do more, stay competitive, and help … Read More

The Heart of a Strong Business IT Strategy

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When business people think about “IT strategy,” they tend to focus on hardware and technical details like gigabytes and core speeds. Or, their minds turn to the expenses associated with enterprise-level cloud solutions and backup schemes. These are all very reasonable associations, but they focus on the details rather than the bigger things that are more important. The heart of … Read More

Do Your IT Vendor’s Technical Certifications Matter?

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If you are in the process of looking for an outsourced IT team to help with your company’s technology you might have noticed that many businesses (Fantastic IT included) promote lots of different certifications. If you aren’t familiar with all of the different terms and hardware or software combinations you might be tempted to wonder whether these credentials matter at … Read More

7 IT Mistakes Your Employees Could Be Making Right Now

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Typically, when business owners tell us they are worried about their technology or data security, it’s usually because they are envisioning thieves and hackers who want to steal from them. However, the bigger risks sometimes come from inside a company’s walls. Your employees and managers might not mean your business harm, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t making common and … Read More