We spend a lot of time talking to new and prospective clients about computer viruses and malware. The business owners and executives we meet with are understandably worried about the damage hackers can do to their companies and want to know how we’ll protect them.

As part of our consultation process, we try to inform businesspeople about the threats they face. Along the way we often discover they are holding onto myths about malicious software and cybersecurity. Today, we want to tackle a few that are particularly common and destructive.

Here are three mistaken ideas about computer viruses you need to let go of…

#1 Only PCs Get Computer Viruses
Mac and tablet users frequently feel as if they are immune from viruses because of the devices and software they use. There used to be some truth to this notion, as hackers rarely targeted Apple products because of their (relatively) lower popularity.

However, in recent years cyber criminals have gotten more aggressive about targeting Macs, iPads, and other mobile devices. As these tools and brands have gotten more popular, the rewards for successfully breaking into them have gotten bigger. The result is that all computer and mobile device users have to be aware of cybersecurity threats.

#2 You’ll Know Right Away if You Have a Problem
In the movies, hackers install a virus onto a computer and clean out a victim’s bank account in seconds. That’s not usually the way things work in real-life, though.

It’s entirely possible that you or a member of your team could download a virus without knowing. Then, that software could run on your computer in the background for days or weeks (all the while collecting info or spreading to other machines) without attracting your attention.

Without 24/7 activity monitoring you might not catch a virus or malware issue until it’s too late. Then, the damage will be far worse than it would have been if you would have discovered the problem early on.

#3 It’s Easy to Remove Malware
In some instances malicious code can be removed from your computer using simple scans and retail applications. However, the bigger the issue is, the more likely you are to need help from a trained IT professional.

For an extreme example of this, just look at the number of businesses that have been affected in recent years by ransomware. The software is often embedded so deeply that the only way to get rid of it quickly is to pay off the hackers who developed the program.

Obviously, that’s not good for your budget and doesn’t represent the kind of outcome you should be hoping for. That’s why you should take the right precautions and hire a good IT partner today.

Do You Have the Right IT Care in Place?
With good preventative maintenance and protection you don’t have to spend your time and energy worrying about computer viruses and malware because you know your vendor is keeping an eye on things for you. Without that layer of protection, though, you probably should be concerned about what might happen.

If you aren’t sure you have the right level of technology care, or a vendor who is putting your needs first, contact the experts at Fantastic IT in Southern California today. We will be happy to meet with you, find out about your business, and offer you customized plans that take away your tech headaches forever.