If you are a regular reader of our business IT blog, then you already know that artificial intelligence (or AI) is no longer science fiction or a future technology. In fact, it’s already affecting life in dozens or hundreds of different ways.

We might not have self-aware androids roaming the streets, but advanced algorithms and machine learnings are already impacting marketing, engineering, online search, and dozens of other industries. As amazing as that is, however, the real tipping point for AI is probably still to come. In fact,

it could change several aspects of business management over the next decade.

With all of that in mind, let’s look at three AI-driven business breakthroughs that might be just over the horizon…

#1 Completely Customized Applications

Imagine downloading popular office productivity tools, answering a few questions, and then having it adapt everything – from its menus and macros to voice commands – to your industry and style automatically. What if everything could work as if it were built just for you, right out of the box?

In today’s world you have to pay software implementation teams quite a bit of money to get that level of personalization. With computing and programming power moving forward exponentially, though, your favorite apps might be able to give you just what you need without any technical adjustment on your part.

#2 Micro-Level Data Analysis

One thing most executives could agree on is that we are drowning in data but starving for insights. In other words, there are more reports and analytics than ever, but making sense of them, much less buying trends, can be a real challenge.

This is an area where AI is already improving things, but there is a lot of room for growth. Imagine if your favorite app could tell you, spontaneously, to run a new special or adjust your pricing. Or if it could spot inventory problems weeks ahead of time. As machine learning improves, so too will micro-level data analysis for firms of all sizes.

#3 Automatic Marketing Optimization

We alluded to this in the previous point, but it’s worth going a bit deeper on the marketing side of things. As software and data tracking improve, businesses will be able to create stronger personalized offers for each customer. Please note that we are not referring to campaigns built around categories or buyer groups, but rather individual buyers.

Although there are ongoing discussions (and disagreements) around things like digital privacy, consumers generally appreciate convenience. So, it’s a safe bet to assume that as time progresses, businesses will find the right balance between personalized marketing and the right of customers to remain anonymous. And as they do marketing will get better and more specific.

Is Your IT Partner Keeping You Prepared for the Future?

Most business owners and executives think of managed services as a way to keep hardware and apps working correctly. That’s certainly a big part of the challenge, but we also like to ensure our clients are looking ahead and seeing the potential risks and opportunities coming their way.

If that’s the kind of service you want from an IT vendor, then we should talk. Contact our sales team today to schedule a free consultation!