In quiet moments during consultations and service calls, many of the business owners we work with admit that even though they love running their companies they wish they could enjoy more downtime. Specifically, most of them seem to dream of stepping away from the office for a couple of weeks now and again to get a vacation.

While we don’t employ any travel agents at Fantastic IT, we can actually help you enjoy more relaxing time off. That’s because smart business IT is all about flexibility and planning for the future. Here are just some of the tools we offer that can help you find the time you need to get away…

Live 24/7 Remote Helpdesk Monitoring
We offer real-time monitoring of your networks and systems as part of our managed services packages. That means you can step away from your company without worrying that attacks from thieves or hackers will go undetected. It also means that any problems with your technology (like failed servers, e-commerce errors, etc.) can be detected and dealt with quickly no matter where you happen to be.

Integrated Communications and File-Sharing Solutions
If you are a hands-on business owner you might feel as if you can’t “switch off” completely for a vacation. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your desk or your home office. Using modern VoIP, cloud computing, and file-sharing solutions we can keep you in touch with managers, employees, vendors, and customers from anywhere you can find a web connection. That means you can keep an eye on important details or projects while still sneaking in a bit of relaxation.

Better IT Financial Planning
Of course, vacations cost more than time. You might also be keeping one eye on the bottom line, wondering if you can really afford that tropical cruise you have had your eye on. With our IT consulting packages, we can help you forecast future tech expenses, including software upgrades, device replacements, and other IT expenses. Then, you can set a budget that feels reliable and worry less about cash flow while you’re gone.

Comprehensive Backup and Recovery Plans
Do you worry that some sort of disaster will grind your business to a halt while you are in another part of the world? We may not be able to predict things like storms and earthquakes, but we can help you build a plan that would allow your business to withstand an unexpected shock. With cloud backups and a written recovery strategy in place you can rest easy knowing you’ve done all you can to protect your business and future revenue from the unknown.

Do You Need an IT Support Team That Helps You Get More from Your Business?
Owning your own company isn’t just about turning a profit or managing employees – it’s also about creating a rewarding lifestyle for yourself and your family. Whether your dream is to take off for the Caribbean or just to feel more confident and relaxed when you aren’t at the office, we can help. Contact the Fantastic IT team of technicians and friendly support professionals at 855-876-9363 today.