When you ask the average person about virtual reality (or VR), they think it’s still a far-off technology that hasn’t been perfected yet. Additionally, most consider the applications in terms of entertainment. They imagine VR will let them be immersed in movies and video games, or perhaps tours of famous places that feel like real-life.

These are all exciting possibilities and undoubtedly lie in our future. However, it’s worth remembering that virtual reality devices are here now. In fact, they may be poised to go mainstream in the same way as smart phones did just over a decade ago.That makes this an exciting time to be alive, but it also has important implications for the kinds of small business owners we work with every day. Whether you realize it or not, virtual reality could affect the way you work in a number of significant ways.Could your business use virtual reality in the near future? Let’s take a moment to think about a few of the potential applications now…

Online and Immersive Training

Studies have shown that repetition is the key to learning any new task, particularly in controlled environments. It’s not hard to imagine that virtual reality will soon be used to train new employees in all kinds of ways that decrease risks and expenses.For instance, if you need workers who can safely handle a dangerous material, you might utilize a series of VR sessions to prepare them. Likewise, you could show them the proper assembly or operation of a costly tool without having them learn on real equipment.

Face-to-Face Meetings Without the Travel

Technology experts have long predicted that business meetings would decrease in popularity as face-to-face video became more accessible. That’s happened to some degree, but it’s easy to see that some level of personal interaction is lost when you’re having a call on Skype instead of a cup of coffee in-person.

With advanced virtual reality technology, business owners, vendors, and colleagues might be able to “meet” in real-time without actually traveling. The benefits of being side-by-side and exchanging nonverbal cues would still be there but without the time and expense of travel to other cities or countries. That’s not as good as a virtual vacation, but it could be the next best thing.

Better Sales Presentations

All the benefits of virtual reality meetings apply to sales presentations, with the added twist that it might be easier to show off certain product features in a digital space, rather than a physical one.Imagine being able to zoom in on technical specs, highlight an important feature with your finger, or give a live demo to buyers who could be several time zones away. The internet has already opened up sales opportunities across borders and oceans, but virtual reality could be the next step in this trend.

Improved Data Reports and Analysis

One quirk of the human mind is that we tend to process, understand, and remember information better when it’s presented to us visually. However, it can be difficult to get easy-to-use images from spreadsheets and technical documents.With virtual reality, it may be possible to present and organize information in ways that feel more intuitive to viewers. In other words, you might be able to see number data series and other complex bits of feedback as movable pictures and blocks, or even organize them with your hands.

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