For several years, IT providers talked about cloud computing as an emerging technology. It was constantly referred to as “the next big thing,” even as business owners found themselves using the cloud in small ways for file sharing, online banking, and real-time communications.

Now, the cloud has grown up. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you probably use cloud computing technologies every single day. And just as this technology has gone mainstream, it has also gotten to be more useful and relevant in terms of meeting your measurable business objectives.

To help you understand why this is, and to ensure you’re getting the healthiest possible ROI for your IT budget, let’s look at three bottom line benefits of cloud computing in 2018 and beyond…

#1 Using the Cloud Saves Money

We’ll get the biggest advantage out of the way first. When you embrace cloud technology, you save money for your business or organization each and every year.

There are a lot of reasons for this, but the strongest has to do with the fact that you’re no longer required to pay for huge hardware upgrades or software releases. Instead, you can trade those expenses for monthly subscriptions that are both cheaper and more predictable. Who doesn’t want to spend less and take the element of surprise out of IT budgeting?

If you can spend less on technology without sacrificing performance or innovation, that means you’re free to put more resources towards the other parts of your business that need attention. That’s a great way to solve multiple problems at once.

#2 Cloud Computing Makes Businesses More Agile

Even smaller businesses used to be able to plan their operations and investments years into the future. Now, it can feel difficult to predict what you’ll need next month, much less in a decade.

With cloud technology, businesses of all sizes can remain more flexible. That’s because services can be scaled up or down at any time. So, if an organization needs more bandwidth, for instance, or fewer user licenses, those decisions can be made (and budgets adjusted) on a very short timeframe. Additionally, there is a lot less risk involved in trying a new app, package, or service when you aren’t locked into a long agreement or forced to meet a big up-front expense.

This kind of flexibility is something business owners and executives appreciate the moment their forecasts shift directions or they meet with an unexpected change of plans.

#3 Cloud Technologies Increase Efficiency

Although business owners and managers tend to flock to cloud computing because they appreciate cost savings and shorter-term commitments, they often come to love the gains in productivity and efficiency that arrive as part of the package even more over time.

When you’re using cloud-based applications to work, you and your team can communicate with each other, outside vendors, and even customers in real-time. Additionally, you always have access to the latest version of a solution, which increases stability, compatibility, and data security.

Also, it has to be mentioned that there some products and ideas (like dynamic scheduling and inventory control, as examples,) that are only possible with cloud technology. Add it all together and you’re getting a lot more value for a much smaller price tag.

Need to Learn More About Cloud Computing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses?

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