As you might have heard, Fantastic IT was recently named one of the fastest-growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine. This was our first time qualifying for this particular honor, and we couldn’t be more proud. It’s only because of the support we get from our wonderful clients that we’ve been able to keep expanding by leaps and bounds.

With a three-year average growth rate of 55%, we made the list last year. As our Founder and CEO Thomas Rowe points out, we’re just getting started. He recently remarked to the press: “I’m extremely proud and excited for our company to be included in the Inc. 5000 list this year, and look forward to many more years of success and growth for Fantastic IT.”

#1 Business Owners and Executives are Seeing the Benefits of Outsourced IT

Although we’d love to take all the credit for our rapid growth, the fact of the matter is that our industry and business model have a lot to do with our success. Namely, business owners and executives are starting to see the benefits – financial and otherwise – of working with an outsourced IT partner.

By contracting a team to manage technology instead of hiring individual employees, businesses are gaining financial flexibility while getting access to a broader range of specialties. In other words, they are only paying for what they need, and on terms that work for them. That’s a trend you can expect to continue for years to come.

#2 Clients Like Getting Affordable, Dependable IT Service

Of course even within the world of IT, a lot of outsourcing firms aren’t doing quite as well as we are. We think the difference has to do with our approach to keeping clients happy.

At Fantastic IT, we know that working on servers, apps, and devices is only half of the job – helping our clients to plan for expenditures, keep their companies running smoothly, and meet challenges with confidence is just as important as earning new certifications. We want you to have a great relationship with our team, rather than feeling frustrated.

It turns out business owners and executives at every level really like getting affordable and dependable IT service. It’s a simple concept, and one that has served us well.

#3 We’re Able to Do More for Our IT Clients Than Ever Before

As our company has grown and expanded, it’s meant good things for the businesses we serve. That’s because the growth has allowed us to invest in new tools, training programs, and personnel. So, we have better coverage than ever, and access to resources that a lot of IT companies don’t.

No matter how big we get, our focus will always be on helping our partners to grow and meet their goals. The only difference is that now we have more ways to solve problems and keep them happy.

In the world of IT, being the biggest is not always the same as being the best. However, we are extremely honored to have been included in the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies. We are going to do everything we can to keep moving forward while still providing the same level of personal service and care that got us to this point. And while we’re at it, we hope we’ll get the chance to show you what we can do if we haven’t already!

To get expert IT help combined with five-star service, call the team at Fantastic IT today to see what we can do for you!