Here at Fantastic IT, we spend a good deal of time educating new clients about what a strong managed services agreement looks like. In many cases, they simply don’t know what they’ve been missing out on because they have overpaid (and been under-served) by a vendor who didn’t give them as much attention and care as they should have.

However, we know that not all of you have met with us in person yet. So today we want to share three big benefits you should be getting from your outsourced IT partner…

#1 Responsive and Professional Technical Service
Naturally, the first thing you should get from your managed services vendor is fast technical support when you need it. That means having a knowledgeable team member on the phone or at your location working on the problem as quickly as possible.

Additionally, the “professional” aspect of the equation means finding solutions that actually resolve the issue rather than looking for quick-fixes that lead to bigger problems later. That saves clients time and ultimately stops them from losing productivity or wasting money on short-term workarounds.

#2 Advice That Makes You More Efficient and Productive
This is an aspect of good IT care that many clients don’t even expect because they haven’t gotten it in the past. Part of our job is to serve as advisors and consultants so the businesses we work with are getting more from their technology and reaching their real-world goals. In other words, we don’t just want to fix things, we want to make easier for our clients to operate and stay productive.

Without the right advice, a business owner or executive can find themselves chasing their own tails when it comes to seeking out the right solutions or products for their needs. We help clients with our knowledge so they don’t have to become technology experts themselves.

#3 Budget Planning That Saves Your Bottom Line
It’s unfortunate, but technology budgeting is often thought of as a huge unknown. Many new clients tell us that they don’t really know what they should expect to spend from one quarter or year to the next. Obviously, that’s not a good way to save money or reach important goals.

That’s why a good IT team will work directly with decision-makers to set priorities, establish realistic budgets, and find areas where cost savings can be achieved. You can often do more with less in the world of tech, but only if you have the right focus and guidance in place.

Are You Getting These Three IT Benefits?
If you are already getting this kind of high-level service (either from our team or another company) then you’ve found a reputable IT vendor who is doing a good job for you. If you haven’t, however, now might be a great time to set an appointment and see how easy and affordable it is to get access to the right kind of expertise.

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