In the minds of most business owners, hiring an outsourced IT company is about having a team come in to repair hardware, fix network outages, and deal with other unplanned tech-related issues. However, they are often pleasantly surprised to learn that our team can help out with other projects, too.

Those little “extras” might not make it into case studies and testimonials, but they can pay off for our clients by giving them more of their time and sanity. To give you a sense of what sorts of tasks we’re thinking about, let’s look at four IT services that are often overlooked even though they have big value…

#1 Cord Management
Have you ever walked up to a PC or workstation and discovered a tangled mess of cords that looked like it could never be sorted out? That isn’t just an eyesore, it can actually be a safety hazard. Tangled or mismatched cords can lead to electrical issues, ventilation problems, and even fires. Plus, they make it hard to move and reconfigure equipment as needed. That’s why our techs are careful to arrange and label computer cables in an orderly way.

#2 Device and Workstation Setup
In a perfect world, configuring a workstation, server, or other device would be as simple as turning it on and getting back to work. In reality, though, there are often numerous different settings that have to be adjusted before a piece of tech can work the way it’s supposed to. When that doesn’t happen the result can be error messages, slow performance, and even data loss. Our clients don’t have to deal with those kinds of hassles because we not only help them choose the right tech, but we also install it so it works the way it’s supposed to.

#3 Software Installation and Upgrades
Unpacking brand-new pieces of computer hardware can be frustrating, and making upgrades to software is especially challenging for people without the right certifications or experience. The added trouble here is that software that isn’t installed the right way can lead to persistent problems like data deletion, network crashes, and even cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Rather than deal with these headaches on their own, our clients turn to us for software upgrades, installation, and related services.

#4 Employee Training
As a business owner or executive, you want your employees to start using the expensive piece of tech you bought them right away in order to achieve productivity gains and meet other goals. However, if they don’t have the right base of knowledge, then they’ll either be slow to adopt your tech or may even misuse it. Then it’s only a matter of time before you’re replacing software and devices or even rolling back to previous versions. Of course, effective training from a knowledgeable vendor can put a stop to these problems, which is why it’s another one of those “extras” we offer to our clients.

Outsourced IT for Southern California Businesses
Isn’t it time you hired an outsourced IT partner that goes above and beyond the bare minimum? Shouldn’t you be getting advice and support that’s devoted to helping your business grow rather than generating bigger monthly invoices?

If you’re interested in seeing what it’s like to have trained and committed business technology professionals working for you, contact Fantastic IT to schedule a free consultation today!