If you own or run a business, the chances are good that you are already aware of the big benefits associated with having a managed services agreement with a reputable outsourced IT team. You get regular proactive maintenance on your technology at a fixed low monthly rate (eliminating expensive unplanned repairs and upgrades in the process).

That’s not all there is to a good managed services plan, however. In addition to that one big benefit, there are other smaller ones you get for your money. Today, we want to look at five in particular that have our clients raving about the work we do…

#1 Help With Workstation Setup and Ergonomics
When you work with devices and computers as much as we do, you learn lots of little tools and tricks. We use those to help our clients be more comfortable when using their technology. That can mean changing settings, arranging efficient workspaces, or even pitching in with ergonomic suggestions to enhance productivity and reduce fatigue.

#2 Training for You and Your Team
We have lots of different training programs for our clients and their employees. For example, we offer modules that teach safe email handling, how to set strong passwords, and the best ways to manage computer files so you can always find what you need. That kind of training can make all the difference (and save your company lots of money) over the course of a few years.

#3 Personalized Planning and Consulting
While most clients will undoubtedly think of upgrades, installations, and repairs when looking for an IT vendor, some of our most valuable work involves looking ahead. We sit down with business owners and executives to talk about their plans for an upcoming quarter or year and see how they can use technology to help. In that way, we help them to meet their bigger bottom line goals.

#4 Cost-Saving Ideas to Lower Your IT Budget
What if you could get better technology performance while still lowering the amount you spend on hardware, software, and communications? Part of the consulting process is looking for solutions that reduce your budget while helping you to maintain or increase your capabilities. Finding room in a company’s technology budget is easier than you might think if you know where to look.

#5 Better Preparation and Data Security
Every business, no matter how small or large, eventually runs into a situation where better data protection, backup files, or online security procedures are needed. A good IT vendor will not only help them to recover from the setbacks, but make written plans to guard against the inevitable. Time matters when disaster strikes so you’ll want to know you have the right protections in place before you need them.

Is Your IT Partner Pushing Your Business Forward?
If you feel like the technical support you get from your outsourced team isn’t friendly, knowledgeable, or prompt – or worse yet, if you don’t even have an IT vendor looking after your hardware and software – it’s time to make a change. Contact Southern California’s fastest-growing and most-trusted technology team at Fantastic IT today. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get the help and advice you been looking for.