Are you stuck in a bad relationship? Do you find yourself giving and giving, only to be ignored in return?

Don’t worry – we aren’t asking about your love life. Instead, we want you to think about the service you get from your outsourced IT provider. Every week, we hear from business owners and executives who are finally deciding to make a switch they have known was needed for a long time. Rather than settling for less, they are looking for more one-on-one attention and fewer disruptions to their work.

We can’t tell you whether it’s time to do the same or not. What we can do, though, is share five solid signs it’s time to start getting your technical help from a new provider…

#1 Persistent Tech Problems

If it seems like your hardware, software, or devices are never working the way they are supposed to be, then why are you paying an outsourced IT team in the first place? They should be helping you to avoid technology issues, not piling up more and more billable hours when things break or crash again and again.

#2 Slow Response Times

When your technology is not functioning properly, it affects all the different parts of your business. Calls go unanswered, emails can’t be sent, and files can’t be saved or backed up. That means your company is losing money by the minute. Don’t settle for an IT team that isn’t responsive when you need them to get to work.

#3 Unclear or Inconsistent Billing

We are constantly amazed at how many companies don’t really know what they are paying for outsourced IT help, or even how those bills are calculated. How can you know if you’re getting a good deal on technology support if you aren’t sure what you’re getting for your money? Without clear and consistent billing, you can’t trust an IT team to put your best interests first.

#4 A Lack of Employee Stability

If your IT provider seems to have a new set of employees every time you work with them, it probably isn’t a good sign. For one thing, without a stable roster of technicians, the company won’t have a good sense of what’s going on with your systems from one service call to the next.

#5 Few Proactive Suggestions

Ultimately, great IT support isn’t just about fixing issues – it’s about offering proactive, cost-effective solutions to clients. If your vendor isn’t forward-thinking and helping you to manage technology in a smarter way, then you should strongly consider taking your business elsewhere.

Ready to Get the IT Service You Deserve?

Naturally, you don’t want to go from one bad IT arrangement to another. So, if you do decide to seek out a new vendor, do a bit of homework first. Choose a partner known for prompt and professional service. Insist on clear pricing, and review a company’s reputation to make sure they’re going to give you the kind of service you expect and deserve.

Or, if you want to make the process as easy as possible, why not contact one of the best-known fastest-growing tech support companies in the Los Angeles area? Call Fantastic IT today to set up a free consultation and see how easy it is to get top tech help and five-star service!