Summer is around the corner, and that means things will slow down at a lot of companies across Southern California. Owners and executives will be thinking about long vacations and (hopefully) sometime spent not worrying about their businesses.

If you want to make your summer season as stress-free as possible, we hope you’ll take our advice and pay attention to one incredibly important IT detail before you head to the beach or the airport. What critical loose end could use a look? Your backup and disaster recovery plan.

In the same way that a new car will eventually need attention from a mechanic, you are very likely to lose access to a hard drive, server, or data storage device at some point in the future. How can we be so certain? Let’s look at just a few of the relatively common occurrences that can wipe out your computers in a heartbeat…

Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters
From earthquakes and mudslides to flash floods and tornadoes, there are all kinds of unexpected disasters that can mess up your technology. When they occur, your ability to get back online quickly might determine whether the event turns out to be a bump in the road or a tragedy that puts your company out of business.

Power Outages and Electrical Surges
Most businesspeople don’t really understand just how sensitive electronics can be to static and electrical surges. Just one spike on the grid – which isn’t all that uncommon in the dead of summer when air-conditioners are running – could be all it takes to wipe out your data. Then what would you do?

Employee Mistakes
It’s unfortunate but predictable: some employee is going to accidentally delete customer orders, financial records, or detailed business plans at a nearby business in the coming months. That’s not a big deal if there are readily-available copies. If there aren’t, though, it could spell all kinds of trouble for everyone involved.

Criminal Acts and Vandalism
Thieves or hackers might not set out to ruin your data, but that can easily happen if they break into your office, cut the power to your building, or try to install viruses on your computers. These situations occur more frequently than you might think, and they can be serious if you don’t have a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

Any Unknown Event That Affects Your Business
This is a sort of “catch all” category that could apply to a number of different unforeseen problems. For example, imagine finding out there are rats in one of your office buildings and they have chewed through important cords or cables. That’s gross, to be sure, but it’s also just one of a hundred different ways you could suddenly find yourself wishing you had planned ahead.

Get Your Backup Plan in Place Today
It’s no fun thinking about all the things that could go wrong with your business and its computers or devices. However, things are a lot easier when you know you’re covered when the unexpected happens.

With that in mind, we hope you’ll reach out to Fantastic IT in Los Angeles today so we can set up a backup and disaster recovery strategy that makes sense for your company.