In the last few years, the growth of advanced CRM solutions (cloud software packages like HubSpot and Infusionsoft) have allowed small businesses to utilize data in the way their larger Fortune 500 competitors do. With the right application you can zero in on specific buyers and influencers, tailor your marketing campaigns, and even monitor customer engagement in real-time. And, you can do it all while seeing slick reports and taking advantage of customizable templates.

However, as with any tech investment, the question needs to be asked: does your small business need an advanced CRM? Or, would it just amount to an expensive toy that doesn’t actually further your sales goals?

The answers are going to vary depending on your specific business and situation, of course. In order to figure out whether it’s something you should consider spending money on, there are a handful of deeper questions that should be asked…

How Complex is Your Sales Process?

Advanced CRMs are most valuable when a business has a complex and intensive sales process. That’s why they are often preferred by B2B service providers instead of B2C companies that rely on simple transactions. If closing a sale means engaging multiple decision-makers and following many different steps from the first contact to the accepted proposal, you might be in a good position to take advantage of the features that are available. If not, it might not be worth your time to learn the software, much less pay for it.

How Many Customers and Interactions are You Tracking?

The biggest benefit of an advanced CRM is that helps you gather in aggregate thousands of pieces of information (like names, addresses, and notes from conversations). If you suspect you and your team are losing sales because opportunities are falling through the cracks, the right CRM could help you plug those holes. However, if your pool of buyers is small and specialized, you might not need an expensive solution to keep up.

Where Are New Customers Coming From?

The different advanced CRM’s in the market cater to various marketing philosophies. HubSpot, for example, is largely geared towards inbound marketing while Infusionsoft is more tilted towards email distribution and ecommerce. Ask yourself where your customers are coming from – or where you’d like them to be coming from – before you make a big decision and spend money on a software package that might not help you achieve your goals.

What Other Solutions are Available?

Even if you think you could benefit from using an advanced CRM, it’s worth looking at the other simpler (and potentially more cost-effective) solutions that might be out there. Ultimately, the choice isn’t between using something or nothing, it’s about finding the answer you need to fit your plans and your budget. You should always consider the ROI you’ll get in return, as well as the effectiveness of other alternatives.

Is it Time to Get Smarter with Your Small Business Tech Strategy?

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