We aren’t embarrassed to admit that we think Fantastic IT is the best place a great tech expert can work in Southern California. We’ve got an unbeatable location, a stellar reputation, wonderful benefits, and terrific perks for ongoing training.

Obviously, this is one of the things we mention to potential applicants when we are recruiting. However, it’s also something we are sure to tell clients about pretty regularly. Why should the business owners and executives who work with us care about employee satisfaction or the way we hire people? From our point of view, there are a few reasons it’s important…

We Get to Hire the Best in IT

When you have a reputation for being a great employer, you can get your pick of available IT candidates. Whether you realize it or not, our industry is a very competitive one – there are often openings that can’t be filled at all.

Because people love working for us, we are able to make good hiring choices at every level, from new graduates to experienced managers and technicians. That means our clients have knowledgeable and dependable people working for them.

Our Employees Tend to Stick Around

Maintaining employee longevity can be another challenge in our industry, and high turnover can present a lot of problems. If IT personnel don’t stick around, you might find that your provider doesn’t really know your hardware and software all that well, or that it’s difficult to get in touch with an account manager or technician when you really need one. These kinds of issues can be small inconveniences or expensive stumbling blocks depending on how urgent your need for assistance is.

At Fantastic IT, our employees tend to stay with the company for a long time. That means better care for our customers, and no gaps in coverage or expertise with certain types of hardware, software, or devices that keep your company covered.

Our Technical Knowledge Is Unmatched

Because we hire the best, and keep them on staff, we are able to invest heavily in training. Whenever a new device or platform comes out, we can invest in the appropriate certifications to ensure we know how to keep your business covered.

This is an underrated benefit of working with one of the best companies in the IT industry. Technology is always changing and if you aren’t keeping ahead of the curve, then you may be rapidly falling behind your peers or making expensive mistakes. Because we are constantly investing time and money in technical expertise, you don’t have to worry that we’ll give you outdated advice or IT care.

Want the Best Working for You?

As a leading IT company in Southern California, we only want to hire the best and brightest in our business. And, as a business owner or executive, you should want the most knowledgeable and service-oriented people working on your hardware and software.

So, if you think it’s time to get the best in service, expertise, and affordable pricing for managed services, contact Fantastic IT today to schedule a free consultation!