Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a fascinating idea, and one that grabbed the attention of researchers and science fiction writers alike. For most of the business community though, AI has remained strictly in the realm of the entertainment world. Now, that might be changing.

As we recently pointed out in one of our posts, artificial intelligence and machine learning are amongst the top technologies coming forward in 2018 and beyond. We’ve reached the point where computers can do more than ever before, with greater processing power and speed that would have been unimaginable just a couple of decades ago. As a result, AI is poised to go mainstream. You might not have an in-depth conversation with your car in the next few years, but you may start to see the technology affect your business.

Let’s look at a few of the things you might be able to look forward to as artificial intelligence makes its way into the business world…

No More Busywork

In virtually every business there are small tasks – like paperwork, data entry, and record-keeping – that take more time and resources than they should. Either the business owner has to spend hours handling them on their own, or pay a manager, temp, or other employee to take care for them.

As AI improves, these kinds of chores are disappearing. So, if you don’t like doing busywork, or paying hourly rates for someone else to do it on your behalf, that’s good news.

Better Error Detection

One thing humans have always been better at than machines is spotting overall trends and patterns. However, an artificially intelligent computer can drill down into the details in a way that no person can, especially if it knows what to look for.

What this means, on a practical level, is that business owners will be able to use specialized algorithms or machinery to spot errors in things like financial transactions, medical records, insurance claims, and so on. That could lead to enormous savings of time and money in a lot of industries.

Stronger Personal Assistants

As we have previously noted, digital assistants are making their way into offices around the country. However, they may soon be able to do a lot more than schedule reminders or place orders for office supplies.

With machine learning, advanced hardware and software tools could “learn” your needs and routines, simplifying your day and taking care of small details before you even notice they need attention. In other words, you might reach a point where you begin to wonder how you ever lived without your digital assistant.

Machines Talking to Machines

The farther we move towards real AI, the greater the chances that machines will be able to learn not just for humans, but each other. Then, we may reach a point where computers can communicate with each other (on our behalf) in new ways.

Obviously, the effects of that are very speculative at this point, but they could lead to automated ordering and delivery platforms, real-time scheduling, and even machine-assisted negotiation. Imagine having a computer that knew what you wanted and could help you like a human would, but at much lower costs.

Is Your Business Using Tech Effectively?

There are essentially two kinds of business owners in Southern California: those who see technology as an opportunity to grow and get more efficient, and those who wonder why they can’t keep up with the latest trends (or their competitors).

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