Branding and IT are typically thought of as being very different parts of a business. However, we have seen again and again that they can actually come together in unexpected ways. So, if your goal is to establish a stronger identity for your company in 2020 and beyond, it might be worth thinking about the effect one can have on another.

To get you thinking about the big picture of IT and branding, let’s look at a few ways your tech strategy can help to build up or break down the impressions that others have of your business…

You Can Build Your Brand Through the Value of Others
Certain technology brands have a bit of cachet to them. And, by utilizing their products or services, you can borrow some of that prestige for your own organization.

For an easy example of this, consider the impression that is made when a customer or colleague sees your team using the newest products by Apple or Google. Whether you chose them for that purpose or not, these devices say that you are stylish and up-to-date. The same is conveyed to potential recruits and vendors.

Image might not be your primary consideration, but it’s worth thinking about in situations where you can choose between similar products with small differences in price.

Your Customers Expect a Certain Standard of Features
Putting the logos on your equipment aside, technology affects your standing in the market by helping you to meet, exceed, or fall short of expectations. For example, if your competitors all have native mobile apps, or GPS guidance, then your target audience might expect you to offer those tools as well.

This is a concept that might factor in prominently in your industry, or it could be a very minor concern. A lot depends on the role that tech plays in your type of business, along with what your competitors have been up to. Still, it’s worth keeping up with your closest peers if you want to send the message that you can do everything they can.

Performance is the Ultimate Branding Advantage
We’ve saved the most important point for last. When your technology works the way it’s supposed to, that’s good for your branding because it creates positive customer experience. When things fail, or just run slowly, it sends the message that you are disorganized and behind the times.

These impressions aren’t always fair, but lots of things in business aren’t. What matters is making things run as smoothly as you can for buyers, so they don’t have any reasons to doubt your competence or level of service.

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