Buying pieces of technology for your employees is a little bit different than purchasing them for your own business use.

For one thing, you know exactly what you need and why it can help you work more efficiently. Your employees might not have that same level of insight, and they probably aren’t aware (or as dialed into) of your concerns about budget and consistency.

For those reasons, buying tech for your employees can be a huge challenge – and one that gets bigger and bigger as your company grows. So today, we want to offer you a handful of tips you can use to make smart choices…

Avoid Buying at the Front of the Tech Curve
Unless you know your employees have a specific need for a certain computer or device you should probably avoid buying the latest and most expensive gear. Often, the most recent versions of any piece of tech cost more and have a greater number of unknown bugs. And, your employees might not care for an expensive piece of equipment the way you would want them to.

Consider an Item in its Everyday Use
Getting new tech for your employees isn’t just about buying the “best” solution. You should consider any computer or device in the environment it will have to operate within. That means considering things like durability, battery life, and necessary software or apps. Sometimes when these details are factored in, an option that seems preferable will be ruled out.

Look at Volume Pricing and Custom Options
When possible you should avoid buying off-the-shelf tech for your business at retail prices. If you need several devices you can often get special rates in bulk discounts directly from manufacturers and wholesalers. Additionally, you might be able to secure custom features that work for your business at no additional cost just by shopping around.

Aim for Uniformity in Your Company Tech
While it isn’t a strict requirement in today’s world of interchangeable devices and platforms, it’s always helpful if you and your employees are working with the same tools. Not only will you have an easier time integrating new pieces of equipment, but you’ll save on things like technology and training every month.

Invest in Training and Configuration
Speaking of training, getting tech for your employees is only half the battle; making sure they know how to use it effectively is just as important. Don’t invest in new devices without also devoting resources to training orientation programs that help them take advantage of the available features (and avoid common errors) more quickly.

Stay Focused on Your ROI for the Purchase
When you’re buying for your business it isn’t necessarily about getting the shiniest, flashiest, or most fun piece of technology. Instead, it’s all about figuring out what you can use to make your business leaner or more profitable. Think of tech investments from that perspective and you’ll have a much easier time making good choices.

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