One of the great things about having a successful, thriving outsourced technology business is that we get to hear so many wonderful compliments from our clients. They like that we are “responsive,” “affordable,” and “focused on their success.” We never get tired of seeing phrases like these in our customer testimonials.

However, there is another word that tends to pop up time and time again, specifically when we hear why our new clients are changing IT providers. What is this terrible expression they use to describe their former vendors? “They were unreliable.”

It almost makes us cringe to think about. No client, regardless of how small or large, should feel like they are being taken for granted. When we asked business owners and executives what they disliked about working with unreliable IT companies, here are their specific complaints… 

“They Don’t Answer When We Call.” 

A lot of IT companies advertise that they have 24/7/365 service, but not all of them live up to their claim. And even when they do, many reroute calls to distant overseas outposts, outsourcing your issue to someone who knows nothing about your business. 

That kind of tech “coverage” is worse than having none at all since it can give you a false sense of security right up until the moment when it matters.

“They Can’t Fix Our Tech Problem.”

Although clients may not realize it, there are many, many different types of IT technicians. At our company, we employ a wide variety of professionals with different skills and certifications so we can handle virtually any kind of client problem.

If your IT vendor shows up and can’t help you deal with a pressing issue, then what was the point of hiring them in the first place?

“We Kept Having the Same IT Issues Again and Again.”

In some cases, an IT vendor will try to “fake it” or rush through a service call by instituting some kind of quick fix for the client. This makes it look like the problem has been solved, although in reality it has just been pushed off to another day in the future. 

If you find you’re calling your tech service provider about the same issues again and again, it’s probably time to start dialing a different number for assistance.

“Their Billing Was Unpredictable.”

This is a complaint we hear again and again, but frankly we don’t really understand it. We don’t know why more IT companies can’t be upfront about their rates and billing practices, but we can appreciate how frustrating it can be for business owners and executives to deal with. 

You should always know where your IT charges are coming from and how you need to budget for the future. Don’t settle for anything less. 

Are You Looking for a Higher Standard of Business IT Care?

You should never feel like your technology partner isn’t focused on making your life easier and your business more profitable. If you’re dealing with unreliable companies, or recognize any of the complaints you see above, it’s time to make the smart decision to work with us.

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