We have noticed something interesting about the way our clients have embraced managed services over the years. As it turns out, most of them learn to appreciate different aspects of the arrangement over time.

What is it that draws them to managed services, and why do they ultimately end up loving it? The answers have to do with bottom-line considerations. Many of the business owners we signed years ago have finally switched to the model of hiring us for monthly outsourced IT care because they were sick of dealing with nagging tech problems. They simply couldn’t take the computer crashes, error messages, and dropped calls anymore. In essence, they wanted a more proactive approach to IT care.

Over time, though, they came to appreciate the cost savings that accumulated when they traded emergency calls for monthly billings. And, after years of service to companies across Southern California we think you might, too.

Could you use managed services to get more reliable tech help and build a stronger bottom line at the same time? Probably, and we will give you a handful of reasons why…

You’ll Spend Less on IT Repairs and Maintenance
Talk to our clients and they will tell you that their overall technology expenses have gone down since moving to a managed services arrangement. The fear for business owners and executives is that they will end up paying for IT care they don’t need, but in the long run it’s always cheaper to be proactive than it is to wait try and solve problems that jump up out of nowhere.

Your Budget Will Be More Predictable
Would you rather have one small expense you can see coming, or a giant one that could pop up at any time? That’s the risk of foregoing a managed services agreement. You might not have a monthly invoice to pay, but you’re almost certain to need big upgrades or repairs at some point in the future. In most companies, having a predictable budget is preferable to facing a series of unknowns when it comes to IT expenses.

You Won’t Waste Money on Unnecessary Tech Expenses
Not only do companies without managed services agreements tend to pay more for IT, but a lot of the money they do spend is wasted. Because they don’t have an informed vendor helping them to make smart investments, they burn big chunks of their budgets on gadgets, applications, or even outdated software suites that don’t contribute anything to the business.

You’ll Get Time and Productivity Gains at Every Level

Although it may not show up directly on the balance sheet, the biggest boost you get from having a reliable managed services provider is that you and your team become more productive. You’re no longer held back by the kinds of small problems that stop you from being able to use the tools you invested in or communicate with customers and each other. That, in turn, leads to higher sales and more productivity every single day.

Ready to Start Saving Money with Managed Services?
If you’re tired of dealing with avoidable IT problems – not to mention throwing away money on emergency repairs and technician visits – it’s time to get the efficient and affordable help you need. Contact the business technology experts at Fantastic IT in Los Angeles today. We will have you sorted out in no time!