Not long ago, we pointed out that digital assistants aren’t just changing the way we manage our homes and personal lives, but are starting to make their way into offices, too. Not only are more small businesses than ever making use of devices by Google and Amazon, but these companies are developing more commercially-oriented versions of their products as well.

Today we want to focus on some of the real-life applications that will soon be possible using digital office assistants. In fact, some of them are here already. Let’s look at what you might be able to do in your company using the same kinds of tools that are currently available for your home…

Coordinate Calendars

With the right digital assistant, you could not only schedule appointments and meetings but also invite other team members or bring in outside customers and vendors. You could even change plans, let other parties know you’re running late, coordinate events between time zones, and even check-in while you’re on the way. The technology is there, and it could save time for everyone.

Set Up Fast Meetings or Calls

Speaking of meetings, you could use a digital assistant to speed them up or even schedule something with a predefined group (for instance, your “sales team”) in a matter of moments. That’s because all of your assistants, and schedules, could be coordinated in a way that makes it simple to arrange a get-together and set times and agendas.

Routine Purchases

This is a feature lots of our clients already use in their homes, and that is sorely needed in many businesses. With just a few words, you can have a digital assistant order something you need, like printer paper, coffee, cleaning supplies, and so on. Or, you can build a running list for regular deliveries. This is another one of those “little things” that can be a real timesaver.

Help Manage Projects

There are many pieces of project management software out there, but they can require extensive data entry and check-ins by various parties if the job is big enough. By integrating the digital assistant into the process, you could make it easier to stay on top of different tasks and priorities in real-time, even using voice prompts and responses. That would give you a clearer idea of timelines and budgets for your most important initiatives.

Take Dictation

There are already numerous ways to dictate notes and emails to your computer, of course, but a digital assistant could go a step further, taking dictation while cleaning up grammar, asking for clarification, and alerting you of receipts and responses. How many hours could you save each month if you didn’t have to type documents anymore?

Greet Visitors

As we get more and more comfortable working with digital devices, we may be able to use them as a receptionist. They could greet visitors, verify appointments, and notify you when an important contact or customer has arrived. That could help you get more control over your calendar, lower your personal budget, or at least let you assign your talented employees to more valuable tasks.

Is Your Business Making the Most of Technology?

If your small business isn’t using technology to increase productivity, save money, and make life easier for yourself and your employees, it might be time to get better advice. Call the IT experts at Fantastic IT today. We don’t just fix hardware and software – we help you to find ways to use tech to achieve all your business goals.