Today’s businesses are more reliant on technology than ever before. Whether you have a one-person company or an enterprise with thousands of employees you’re probably upgrading computers, phones, and tablets more frequently than ever before.

But, while there is a lot of knowledge out there to help you decide what to get and when to invest in it, there isn’t nearly as much advice concerning what you should do with old or outdated devices. In today’s post, we want to give you a handful of options for computers and other hardware items you no longer need to run your business.

You Can Sell Your Old Computers and Technology
Just because you don’t need a device anymore doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have value to another business or consumer. That’s particularly true if you like to buy new gadgets for your company. Look around online and you may discover that the tech that you’re looking to get rid of can be sold for more than you think.

Often, turning old computers into money just takes a listing on eBay or an industry website.

It May Be Possible to Trade in Unused Tech
Regardless of whether your computers and hardware have cash value or not, you might be able to decrease the cost of your upgrade by trading these items in. Manufacturers often give discounts and credits because they improve buyer loyalty. Additionally, they may be able to use parts in new or refurbished systems.

Talk to your sales rep or IT professional to look for trading opportunities.

You Might Keep Some Devices As Backups
If your business is growing or you are unsure about your future needs, it might make sense to keep your old devices (for a while at least) as backups. This is especially true if you aren’t sure how well your new computers will work for your team.

It’s always good to have more devices and workstations than you need, and having a backup plan can save you if you need a device or computer that can be put into service quickly.

You Can Donate or Recycle Old Technology
Recycling computers, monitors, and other pieces of tech can actually cost you money but it’s worth the expense because of the benefits to the planet. You should never throw out an electronic device without finding out whether the components are safe for a landfill first.

Besides, you won’t want to just recycle a working computer or device anyway. There are numerous groups that cater to students, seniors, and veterans (as examples) that could benefit from them. Donating is a great thing to do, and can even earn tax credits for your business.

One Word of Caution About Computers and Devices
Unfortunately, it isn’t just students and charitable groups who have a use for your old tech. Thieves might also be interested in anything you want to get rid of, especially if there is a chance it will contain sensitive information they can sell or use.

Knowing that, we highly recommend that you have your IT partner scrub the data from any computer or device that’s leaving your company. Although most charitable groups and computer recycling services will do this anyway, it’s an extra precaution that’s worth taking.

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