While it might not be the biggest IT problem you’ll ever face in your business, lots of new clients tell us they feel uncomfortable when tech salespeople approach them about new hardware, software, and apps. They feel apprehensive because they don’t know enough about the details to tell whether a new gadget will live up to the hype, or if they are getting a good deal. The same goes for ads and marketing designed to convince them to switch providers or upgrade the tools they are ready have.

Naturally, we work with business owners and executives to help them develop budgets and strategies to find the right tech for the challenges they are facing. For those who might not be working with us just yet, though, we wanted to point out a few things that are generally missing from these ads and pitches.

Here are some things that might not be mentioned in your next tech sales presentation or marketing email…

“This Product Hasn’t Been Tested Enough Yet”
Manufacturers and developers aren’t making things easier for IT teams like ours lately. From phones that burst into flames to apps that crash, many new products and solutions are chronically under-tested when they make their way to market.

Savvy buyers can often get more reliable gear and solutions by simply waiting for users to report early bugs. The resulting tech is more stable, easier to use, and usually less expensive. In fact, that brings us to our second point.

“You Could Get This for 50% Less in a Few Months”
Early tech adopters might stay on the cutting edge, but they also pay the highest prices for having brand-new apps and items that no one else has. In some cases, the difference between getting a product at release and buying it a few months later can be dramatic.

Every circumstance is different, of course, but if you aren’t sure you’ll need something right away, consider holding off your purchase for a little while. You might end up with a much better piece of tech for half the cost.

“What We Have is Really Cool, But Not so Useful”
Not every cool gadget or feature you see an ad or presentation for has an obvious fit within your business. In fact, some things might increase the cost of the product without giving you or your team any real value. That’s especially true for mobile devices which tend to be geared towards the consumer market.

Ask yourself how often you’ll actually use product and software upgrades before making a final decision to spend your money. The benefits might not be as clear-cut as you think.

“This Isn’t Really Better Than What You Already Have”
For various reasons, tech manufacturers and software developers sometimes release new versions of their products that aren’t substantially different from what was available before. Differences could be as minor as a fresh color scheme, or a few patches for specific operating systems.

It pays to look at the fine print, or to consult your outsourced IT team, before making an upgrade you don’t really understand. Why risk buying the same product or service twice when there isn’t any benefit to your company?

Making Smart IT Buying Decisions
On our blog and in consultation with clients we always try to remind business owners and executives that good IT purchases are all about costs, benefits, and big-picture business plans. We work with them to put a good strategy into place, and then figure out what kinds of tools investments makes sense with their budget and goals.

If that’s the kind of care and attention you would like from your IT partner, contact our team today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help!