Many of our new and potential clients are worried about working with us because they have in-house IT professionals already on staff. Their worry is that we are going to ask them to let these people go if they hire us for a managed services agreement.

They are sometimes pleasantly surprised to discover that a “blended” or co-managed IT team – one comprised of staff employees and our outsourced technicians – can work perfectly well. In fact, in some cases it’s the common sense, cost-saving staffing option they need.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that come with having a blended IT team.

You Get a Dedicated Day-to-Day IT Professional

Sometimes, a company needs a regular IT person who is constantly on call because of the size or complexity of their enterprise. They may have so many employees, or so many complicated and proprietary systems, that there is value in paying a full-time professional a salary plus benefits. And, some business owners and executives feel safer having an IT professional on staff.

However, it can be difficult for a single person (or small team) to cover every situation. With a blended IT team you keep the everyday employee who knows you and your team, but you don’t have to hire for the kinds of services you only need occasionally.

You Have Experts and Consultants When You Need Them

Even Fortune 500 businesses with extensive IT departments often run into situations where they need a bit of outside expertise. For small and medium-sized companies, the demand for specialized experts and consultants can be even higher.

Imagine you’re in a situation where you’re moving to a new office, are installing new equipment, need upgraded backup and information security systems, or are preparing IT budgets. In each of these instances it can be incredibly helpful to be able to call a specialized tech professional who can make plans and answer your questions.

You’re Not Cutting Corners or Overspending

The real beauty of this arrangement, for companies of a certain size, is that they can get round-the-clock care, personal attention, and an on-call team that knows their tech when they need it. Even better, they get this combination without skimping on technology support or spending big salaries for team members who might not always be needed.

Naturally, the sweet spot is going to be different for every firm and situation. There are some companies we only work with from time to time, and others who don’t have any in-house IT professionals at all. The trick is to find the situation and combination that works for your business.

Good IT Care is All About You

At Fantastic IT, what we do best isn’t manage servers, install equipment, or configure mobile devices. These jobs are important, but the key to our success is that we apply what we know about technology to hundreds of business situations with an eye towards finding workable (easy and sometimes creative) solutions for our clients.

In other words, we are here to help you make the most of your IT budget and strategy regardless of whatever your needs may be. Contact us today to learn more about plans and prices, or to get a free quote for a managed services contract that keeps your business covered.