When it comes to working on computers, tablets, or phones, we all want our devices to work quickly. If they move slowly we might become frustrated or irate, but most business owners and executives won’t actually call anyone about it.

That can be good in a philosophical sense. After all, most of us could learn to be a lot more patient and just learn with life’s little inconveniences. But from a business point of view, it’s an enormous waste. Slow tech is extremely inefficient while speed is underrated (and not just for mental health reasons).

To help you understand why, let’s look at a few of the reasons you shouldn’t settle for slowed down email, phone calls, mobile data, or software packages…

Quick Communications and Performance Drive Productivity
When your technology is fast and responsive you and your team can get more done. The converse is also true; when you spend a lot of time sitting around waiting for things to load, connect, or function the way they should, you are essentially burning daylight (not to mention salaries) without getting anything in return.

Often, a loss in productivity is one of those “hidden” costs that are easy to overlook because they don’t show up on a balance sheet. However, you shouldn’t let your tech hold you back week after week.

Sluggish Network, Hardware, or Software Performance Can Have Easy Solutions
Sometimes, we get the impression business owners and executives put off calling us about slow technology performance because they are afraid of what we’ll find. It’s the business budget equivalent of seeing the “check engine” light pop on in a car, especially if you aren’t that familiar with IT.

However, while it’s possible you’ll need to replace equipment or make upgrades to speed up your technology, solutions are often quick and simple. It could be that you have a few simple bottlenecks that can be resolved easily and inexpensively by the right IT partner.

Slow Tech is Often a Sign of Deeper Problems
You might think of slow email delivery or an inconsistent VoIP system as an annoyance, but they could be early warning signs for bigger issues. That’s because things like worn out components, overheated microchips, or outdated software can all slow you down. A sluggish network could also be a sign that you have online security issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Again, it’s worth mentioning that these symptoms might not point to expensive repairs, just that you shouldn’t put off the task of dealing with them. You might be able to live with slow computers and devices for now, but the underlying issues will only get worse.

Is it Time to Speed up Your Business?
If your IT strategy is outdated, or you feel like your business is moving forward at a crawl, it’s time to get help from the experts. At Fantastic IT in Los Angeles, we can assist your business with live monitoring, maintenance, and technology repairs – in addition to proactive planning and problem solving.

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