We know from experience that a lot of business owners and executives get bored talking about cybersecurity, particularly when they don’t necessarily understand the risks or remedies involved. However, nearly all of them perk up when the conversation turns to bottom-line facts and figures.

Unfortunately, the two topics are inextricably linked. IT security isn’t all about encryption and software – it’s really about protecting your company from the unknown.

With that in mind, today we want to look at three hard realities when it comes to IT security and your bottom line…

#1 Any Cybersecurity Failure is Going to be Expensive

If your technology fails, or hackers get into your servers, the costs associated with fixing the damage can spiral out of control pretty quickly. That’s because you won’t just be paying for experts to come in and solve the problem, you could also be faced with a situation where you have to replace devices, workstations, and even entire networks.

Add to that the unexpected expenses of new software subscriptions and data recovery tools, and it’s easy to see why such an occurrence could derail your entire budget for a very long time. Then, you might have to make difficult decisions about what you can sacrifice to keep your business running.

#2 The IT Emergency Expenses Are Just the First Problem

What a lot of business owners and executives don’t realize is that the initial costs we have already described are only the beginning. That’s because, once you have suffered a major IT failure, employees, vendors, and customers might leave your company in droves. That’s a particularly big risk if their information has been stolen by hackers and thieves.

Even if the breach isn’t that severe, you might lose days or even weeks’ worth of sales or productivity while your company recovers. That’s why so many small businesses are eventually forced to close their doors after a cybersecurity event.

#3 It Doesn’t Cost Much To Keep Your Company Protected

Given the risks that are present, you would expect companies of all sizes to be diligent about protecting themselves and their data. However, the IT security in many small and medium-sized organizations is minimal or, sometimes in the worst case scenario, nonexistent.

The good news is that it doesn’t cost a lot, in terms of time, money or effort, to get the protection you need. A good IT vendor will look for obvious risks and monitor your network performance as part of a standard managed services agreement. That way, you can sleep easier knowing you’re covered for a low monthly fee – and enjoy better technology planning, advice, and budgeting all at the same time.

Want Help From An Experienced IT Team?

If you haven’t given cybersecurity enough attention in the past, or simply want help from an experienced vendor who can make your entire business run more smoothly, it’s time to contact the Fantastic IT team. We’ll be happy to review your technology with you and find an affordable solution that protects from technology threats and makes it easier to focus on running your company.