Not long ago, we wrote about one of the biggest pet peeves business owners have with managed services firms: namely, that technology specialists tend to use jargon and buzzwords that don’t actually mean anything to the client. Today, we want to jump on another complaint we hear about just as often.

If there is one thing business types seem to hate about hiring IT vendors, it’s that budgeting can be a huge challenge. Often, they don’t know how much they’re going to be spending, how much they should be spending, or what they are going to get for their money. These are big problems when you’re trying to run a successful and growing company.

Let’s examine the biggest challenges business owners and executives have with IT budgeting, and the simple solutions.

Problem #1: You Never Know How Much Tech Support You’ll Need

You can never predict when the internet in your office is about to go out, or that a burst pipe is going to take out your email server. And even if you could anticipate some IT challenges, you probably became an entrepreneur or executive because you are better with big-picture problem solving than technical details. Put these facts together and it can feel impossible to figure out how much IT support you need. That can lead to inconsistent billing and budgeting.

The solution? Find a reliable managed services provider who can take care of all your outsourced IT needs for a regular monthly or quarterly fee.

Problem #2: Your Vendor Sends You Inconsistent Invoices

Sometimes the problem isn’t with your company’s IT workload, but rather the people you’ve tasked with helping you out. We often hear stories of vendors who charge wildly different amounts from one month to the next, even though a company’s level of service hasn’t changed all that much.

This solution for this problem is both simple and difficult: find a new vendor. It might be aggravating to seek out a new managed services partner and switch to a new service plan, but in the long run you shouldn’t give your money to a firm you can’t trust to bill you in a clear and transparent way.

Problem #3: You Don’t Know If Your Budgets Are Realistic

Many of our clients come to us not knowing whether the amount they’re spending on technology (from hardware and software to support devices) is appropriate for the size of their business. Or, they might have big goals they want to achieve but aren’t sure what it will cost to reach them.

The answer here is to work with a virtual CIO who can step in and provide strategic guidance when you need it. That means evaluating your plans, looking over your tech budgets, and finding cost-effective solutions that move you in the right direction.

Need an IT Partner Who Helps You Grow Your Bottom Line as a Partner?

At Fantastic IT, our goal isn’t just to help you cut your expenses and understand your budgets – we also want to see your company thrive. That means providing service-oriented care, giving clear answers, and helping you devise a strategy that works with your bigger business plans.

To see what this looks like in real life, contact our sales team today to set up a free consultation!