One of the reasons we have been able to grow by leaps and bounds in recent years, despite the fact that we work in a very competitive industry, is that we get so many referrals from past and current clients. They say good things about us, online and off, and recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

However, those recommendations don’t always lead to new relationships on their own. That’s because potential clients go online to find out more about us before they reach out. That’s when they come across years of positive reviews from other business owners and executives who have made their businesses more efficient and profitable with our help.

You probably have a similar dynamic working in your company. You might not work in IT, but you probably get a few (or maybe many) referrals. And certainly, those people are going online to see what sort of reviews have been left for your company.

With that in mind, today we want to step outside our normal topics of IT and technology and touch on something that has been important for our growth. Let’s look at a few tips you can use to manage online reviews for your small business.

#1 Get to Know Your Online Review Profile

You can’t manage your online reviews until you know what they look like. If you haven’t checked them for a while, then go on to the major platforms (Yelp, Facebook, Google Business, etc.) and make sure the contact details of your business are up to date. Then look through any existing reviews and ensure they are (hopefully) positive and accurate.

#2 Watch Out for Unethical Competitors

There isn’t much you can do about negative reviews for your business that are valid. However, there is an unfortunate and growing trend of unethical business owners leaving negative reviews for their peers – either directly or through intermediaries. If you suspect someone has been leaving false reviews about your business, then report them to the platform where they are being hosted. You might be able to have the false information removed in just a few days.

#3 Encourage Clients to Leave Feedback

Now that you have your review profiles sorted out, do what you can to make it easy for satisfied clients to say good things about your company. You can even send them links after a purchase or project so they can share their thoughts in just a minute or two. The more your customers do this, the better your reviews will be over time… and the more potent your marketing advantage will be as a result. 

Are You Getting the Right Support From Your Managed Services Partner?

Years of work in our industry have taught us that good IT support isn’t just about hardware, software, and technology – it’s about helping our clients run their businesses more effectively. If that’s the kind of service you want from your managed services provider, then contact us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help.