If our observations are any guide, there are an amazing number of business owners and executives out there that aren’t pursuing any discernible IT strategy at all.

These men and women buy new hardware or software when they’re convinced that they need it, and pay for IT support when they absolutely can’t find the answers to a problem, but there isn’t any forethought involved. They just move from one crisis or situation to the next without any real guiding philosophy.

From our point of view, this seems like a very poor way to run an important part of the business. So, we started asking ourselves, and some of our clients, why they aren’t making more comprehensive plans. Below, you’ll find four of the top reasons you may not have an IT strategy in place…

#1 Your Regular Business Goals Aren’t Well Defined
It goes without saying that you’ll struggle to figure out what you should be doing with your tech if you don’t know where you’re going with your business, either. A good IT plan flows from a focus on bottom line growth. If you aren’t sure what you want to accomplish with your company then there isn’t any specific combination of hardware, software or communications tools that will help you move forward.

#2 You Don’t Understand the Benefits of an IT Strategy
We sometimes meet business owners and executives who weren’t aware they should have an IT strategy. They’ve never had a consultant ask them enough questions to figure out how they could be using technology to save money or reach their business goals faster. That’s all a good IT plan really is – just a way to figure out where your company is going and how you can use technology to improve things for yourself, your customers, and your employees, to meet those targets.

#3 You Aren’t Sure Where to Begin with Your Plan
Technology can be an overwhelming topic for a lot of businesspeople. They don’t really understand the tools they are using, much less the ones they need. And, their budgets and services can all seem like a jumble. A good IT provider will help cut through the clutter by giving clear answers and simple explanations. If you aren’t sure where to begin with your IT strategy, then take it as a sign that it’s time to find a new outsourced provider to work with.

#4 Your Previous Strategy Didn’t Work Out
Finally, there are some companies who have tried to institute a basic IT strategy in the past only to see it blow up once real customers, crises, and expenses came into the mix. Again, this is something that happens frequently when no experts have been consulted, or when the wrong vendor has been retained. A knowledgeable technology support vendor will have been through this process often enough to prevent you from putting an unrealistic strategy into place.

Get the IT Care and Service You Deserve
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