It’s safe to say that as we move into 2018 there is one technology topic that’s on the minds of business owners and executives everywhere: cybersecurity.

You don’t have to be involved in the IT industry to know just how prevalent online attacks and computer-based theft has become. Simply check out the business news headlines in the past year and you’ll be reminded of the fact that dozens and dozens of high-profile companies and organizations were targeted (successfully) in 2017.

Although it doesn’t get the same kind of attention from the press, small businesses are frequently targeted by cybercriminals, too. Here are four ways you can keep them away from your company…

#1 Use Strong Passwords and Change Them Regularly

This is such a simple idea, but it can make an enormous difference. A lot of hackers use very basic tools to break into small business websites. Because many passwords are simple words (or even default settings like “password” or “1234”), thieves can break into sites within seconds.

However, if you use complex passwords, it becomes virtually impossible for hackers to get into your data this way. Vary your passwords for different programs and accounts, and change them regularly, and you’ll have taken a simple-but-effective step to keeping thieves out of your business.

#2 Update Your Software and Security Periodically

Another common tactic of online thieves is to take advantage of known loopholes and backdoor vulnerabilities in existing software packages. These are discovered and closed regularly, but your business can’t take advantage if you aren’t continually updating your applications or virus protection.

Whether you manage these upgrades yourself or have an IT partner do it on your behalf, it’s important for security purposes that you don’t let your software get out of date.

#3 Make Regular Backups of Your Data

There are a lot of reasons every business should be conducting regular data backups. Not only might you have to restore systems after your website or company servers have been hacked, but you could easily lose years’ worth of information in a fire, flood, or electrical surge.

Backing up files on a regular basis won’t necessarily keep thieves from tapping into your company, but it can greatly mitigate the damage if you are successfully targeted.

#4 Take Advantage of Remote Monitoring

Often, there are fairly obvious warning signs when thieves and hackers are trying to break into a company’s data or pull off phishing schemes. However, unless you know what to look for, you might miss them.

As part of our managed services packages, we provide a remote helpdesk port and 24/7 IT monitoring to our clients. Having that kind of care can help you identify potential issues quickly and stop the damage before it starts in the first place. Of course, you aren’t protected if no one is watching your technology when it is vulnerable.

Is Your Business Safe From Hackers and Online Thieves?

If you don’t feel confident that your company is as protected from criminals using computers as it is every day burglars, then this is your chance to protect yourself. Of course, the best way to protect your company from cyber attacks is to partner with a knowledgeable IT partner, like Fantastic IT.

Why not call the Fantastic IT team today so we can review your software and communications systems for vulnerabilities?

Our IT consultations – including security reviews and backup planning – are fast and affordable. More importantly, they can end up saving your company in the long run. Contact us today so we can schedule a time to meet and discuss the challenges you’re facing in your business.