Why does your company invest in new computers, devices, apps, or software packages? Although you may feel like those expenses are necessities, or just “costs of doing business,” the ultimate goal is probably to make your team more efficient and productive. In other words, you want to give them the tools they need to do more, stay competitive, and help you to earn a profit.

Unfortunately, a lot of small and medium-sized businesses get things halfway right in this regard. They keep investing in technology, but forget about the things they can do to actually encourage their employees to make the most of what they’ve got.

Because we don’t want to see you make the same mistakes, today we want to share four ways you can actually make your employees more productive with the tech you give them to use…

#1 Focus on Tools with High Usability
Usability is a measure of how clear and intuitive a particular piece of technology is. For instance, Apple phones and tablets are known for being easy to figure out, while some database packages are incredibly dense. As a rule of thumb, you want to invest in tech that is simple and straightforward without sacrificing any important features you need.

#2 Give Them the Product Training They Need
This is an area where a lot of companies get things wrong. Because they feel like they’re spending too much on technology, they skimp on add-on training and resources. That’s understandable, but it decreases the value of your investment and makes it tough for team members to get the swing of things. Don’t force your employees to figure out a new piece of hardware software with books or YouTube videos; get them the help and information they need.

#3 Pay Attention to Ergonomics
There are two kinds of managers when it comes to ergonomics: those who don’t believe it and those who have tried it and seen the benefits firsthand. You might not realize it, but paying attention to things like monitor heights, chair settings, and desk layout can have a huge impact on mood, energy, and productivity. It doesn’t cost a lot to have an ergonomic expert work with your team, but the benefits can be huge and long-lasting.

#4 Automate Time-Wasting Busywork
Would you rather have your employees completing critical tasks, or entering information into forms and spreadsheets? It’s imperative that salespeople, customer service agents, and managers (as examples) focus on the parts of their jobs that they are paid for rather than menial and mundane details. You can help them to keep their concentration on important goals and ideas by helping them to automate processes that can easily be handled with the right software.

Need Help Putting Your Technology to Work?
It’s an easy detail to miss, but giving your employees new technology to work with doesn’t automatically make them get more done. That’s why a team like the one we have here at Fantastic IT can be so valuable. We don’t just help you to keep your computers, networks, and mobile devices running smoothly, but also provide training and consultation services so you can take a smarter approach to IT.

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