Have you ever renewed a contract or service for your company even though you really didn’t want to?

Most business owners and executives have made this kind of mistake or compromise. Usually, it’s because they felt as if they didn’t have other choices, or that researching the options would take too much time and effort. So, they continue on with what they have, figuring it’s “good enough for now,” even though they know they should be getting more for their money.

We don’t want you to do that when it comes to your managed services agreements. That’s because we know you deserve the best, and there are some companies out there who aren’t working hard enough to earn their money.

With that in mind, today we want to give you five questions you need to ask yourself before you renew your managed services agreement with another provider…

#1 Am I Satisfied With the Level of Service I’m Receiving?
This should be the starting point for any evaluation. If you’ve already worked with the firm you have for a while, ask yourself whether you would choose them again if you were starting all over again. Why or why not? If you wouldn’t, pay attention to that impulse and decide you’ll look into other choices. After all, there is no reason to keep working with a vendor who isn’t meeting all your needs.

#2 What Have Response Times Been Like for Service Calls?
In our business, time is definitely money. When you have a hardware software issue that needs to be resolved you can’t afford to wait for days or weeks to get answers. Fast response times are one of the hallmarks of a good managed services partner. If you feel like you’re constantly on hold with your IT team or waiting for someone to follow up on an urgent request, it’s time to look elsewhere.

#3 Am I Getting as Much Coverage as I Need for My Business?
Another red flag for your managed services agreement is the sense that you get some or most of what you need, but not everything. In some cases this might be due to vendor performance, or it could be the case that they simply don’t have the expertise that you require. Either way, you should always feel as if your technology partner can handle everything you require of them.

#4 Are My Managed Services Rates Changing at all?
It goes without saying that you shouldn’t find or keep any managed services provider based on small differences in rates. Good IT care is worth a little bit more from your budget, particularly if it keeps your company running smoothly. However, if you find that your outsourced vendor is constantly raising rates without giving you more value than they were before, it’s time to shop around.

#5 Does My IT Provider Go Above and Beyond My Immediate Needs?
This might be vague, but it’s also incredibly important. One thing that our clients love about our services is that we are always looking for ways to make them more efficient or take away their biggest headaches. In other words, your managed services partner should be finding solutions you need without having to be asked about it. Are you getting that level of care and attention from your IT partner?

Is it Time to Find the Managed Services Plan You Deserve?
This might be the most important question of all. If you don’t feel like your outsourced IT partner makes you a priority – or you just want better expert care for your hardware and software – we want to help. Contact the business and technology experts at Fantastic IT today to schedule a free consultation and see what we can do for you!