It’s a big misconception that all companies have similar IT needs. Technology is such a big topic, and it affects businesses in so many ways, that it’s inevitable one type of firm is going to have different concerns than another.

Years of experience taught us this is particularly true when it comes to the work we do for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Accountants don’t just have a regular need for outsourced IT assistance, but also vendors who understand the work they do. Otherwise, important necessities or opportunities could be missed.
To show you just how important it is to choose the right California IT company to work with, let’s look at five reasons CPAs and accounting firms have specialized IT needs…

1. No CPA Can Afford Unexpected Downtime

The CPAs we work with turn to us because they need a reliable IT vendor. They simply don’t have the time – especially during tax season – to deal with unexpected outages. The minute they lose touch with email, client records, or cloud apps, they start losing money and falling behind schedule. No accounting company should work with an IT team that fails to understand the need to keep systems in communications online.

2. CPAs and Accounting Firms Have Major Data Storage Needs

Regardless of whether you’re a solo accountant or part of a big accounting firm, you undoubtedly have volumes of digital records that need to be stored securely while remaining available for instant search and access. You might have your own apps and server space to manage these, or need assistance from your IT team to set them up. Either way, though, what you can’t afford is to be disorganized or waste time looking for documents when they’re needed.

3. Every CPA Should be Concerned About Cyber Security

All business owners and managers are concerned with data security in 2018, but it’s especially crucial for a CPA. That’s because hackers and thieves would love nothing more than to break into your website, email, or archives and get away with sensitive financial information. Just one breach could cost you your credibility, not to mention the future of your company. For that reason, you need an IT partner who puts cyber security first.

4. Accountants Often Work Collaboratively and in Real-Time

CPAs tend to share documents and thoughts in real-time, particularly during tax season and ahead of filing deadlines. Additionally, they may have a need to work remotely from several computers or devices. An IT partner who understands the accounting business is going to set up software and apps that allow for individuals to contribute to bigger projects as they move along without any delays or setbacks.

5. CPAs Know the Value of Good Technology Investments

Technology can be a great investment or an empty item on a balance sheet. No one knows this better than a CPA. However, just because you can zero in on the importance of ROI from your budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have the technical expertise to choose the right hardware, software, and devices for your firm. That’s where a great IT partner can step in and offer customized advice.

6.Turn the to IT Team CPAs Throughout California Trust

Looking to get faster IT service, better technology budgeting and advice, or just a set of expert minds who can help you keep your accounting firm running smoothly? Contact the team at Fantastic IT in Los Angeles today. We’ve worked with dozens of CPAs across state and can help you turn technology into a strength for your business rather than a source of confusion.