Business owners and executives are always looking for a way to get an edge with technology. That’s smart, and a habit we always try to encourage. However, it’s worth remembering that computers, apps, and other forms of tech work in two ways. In some cases, they can do things for you directly. But in other cases, it’s all about using technology to help yourself work more effectively or with fewer breaks.

To put this in practical terms, imagine two delivery vans. One has more horsepower, so it can drive faster. The other integrates smart features that let you change routes based on traffic, find hidden addresses more quickly, and automatically shuffle packages for faster sorting and delivery. Even though the first might be faster, driving the second would probably make you more productive.

With that perspective in mind, today’s post is about seven office upgrades that might help you and your team be more productive. None of them amount to groundbreaking technology, but they just might allow you to get more from the devices you’ve already got.

#1 Ergonomic Desk Chairs

Most office workers spend a lot of time at their desks. By investing in ergonomic desk chairs, you can reduce fatigue (not to mention injuries and sick days) while also improving staff morale. It’s never a bad idea to have your team be more energized.

#2 Sit/Stand Desks

This follows from the first point. The only thing better than having more comfortable chairs for your team is giving them desks that let them stand up for a while (for example, when they are on phone calls or need a bit more energy). These kinds of desks can be fairly inexpensive and make a huge difference to your team.

#3 Fatigue-Reducing Lights

Numerous studies have shown that fluorescent lighting decreases energy, saps motivation, and causes headaches. But you probably don’t need to read them – spend a day in the wrong lighting and you’ll realize it intuitively. Sometimes, improving the mood around your workplace is really as simple as changing a few lamps.

#4 Ultrawide Monitors

In some roles, it can be useful to be able to view several pieces of information at once. By supplying ultrawide monitors for yourself or your team, you can make it so everyone has access to documents, screens, and resources as needed in real-time. That means no more clicking back and forth.

#5 Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets let you and your team roam around the office or working space. It also means you can stand in on calls and meetings while keeping your hands free to type. And best of all, good headsets let your staff block out background sounds. If you haven’t tried them, you might not understand what a game-changer they are.

#6 Higher-End Computers

Upgrading computers is a fairly expensive way to boost productivity, but sometimes it pays off. That’s especially true if you have devices that crash or cause compatibility issues. By switching to something faster or more reliable, you might save your team a few hours each week, particularly if they do processor-intensive work.

#7 Software Shortcuts 

The more you can do to automate routine tasks for yourself and your team, the better. That’s why software shortcuts are so valuable. In some cases, it might be worth it to hire programmers to create the tools you need. However, you can probably get away with using pre-coded solutions that eliminate much of your busy work.

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