We are reaching a point in the calendar – the end of year holidays – when most people are busy, but most businesses are slow. That could give you the perfect chance to solve minor tech issues that affect your productivity.

What sorts of problems are we talking about? Let’s look at seven common issues you might want to deal with while your company has a little bit of downtime…

#1 Slow or Unreliable Networks
Slow network performance affects everyone. From your sales staff and receptionists to accounting and support, work gets done slower when people can’t communicate or share files. Luckily, a trained technician can often diagnose and correct networking issues in very little time.

#2 Office Wi-Fi Dead Zones
Do you have areas of your office where your wireless signal can’t seem to reach? Are there slow connections at certain desks, or perhaps dead spots in the waiting area? Our technicians can solve these issues in a variety of simple and affordable ways, but only if you contact us for help.

#3 Persistent Error Messages
This is a broad category, but it could include error messages you see when you start or power down a computer, notifications that pop up when you try to save a file, or warnings that appear every time you use a printer (as examples). Fixing these doesn’t just remove a source of aggravation, but can also prevent bigger problems later.

#4 Computer Crashes
Speaking of bigger problems, you certainly don’t want to deal with computers or devices that are crashing regularly. Not only does this grind productivity to a halt, but it could be a symptom of other issues like hardware failure or data loss. If your systems are crashing regularly then you should get immediate help from one of our technicians.

#5 Missing Data Backups
Data backups are an important part of your company’s security and continuity plan. If you aren’t running them – or don’t feel 100% confident that you could restore the backups you have – then it’s time to do things differently. This is another area where you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to get the peace of mind you deserve.

#6 Outdated Software Versions
There are lots of reasons you might not have the latest version of the software you’ve paid for installed or functioning properly. Our support team can help you make sure you’re getting all the safety and features you deserve, often from a remote support desk so an in-person visit isn’t required.

#7 Insufficient Virus Protection
We often visit offices and discover that small business owners are using virus and malware protection that isn’t sufficient for the level of protection they need. This kind of software isn’t expensive or difficult to install, but it helps to have a professional make sure everything is functioning the way it’s supposed to.

Have Nagging Tech Problems in Your Business?
The last thing a business owner needs is nagging technology problems that slow them (or their employees) down day after day. That’s why Fantastic IT offers extremely affordable and flexible managed services plans that include both on-site service and 24/7 help desk support.

You could say goodbye to annoying tech issues – and persistent work delays – in no time at all. Contact us today so we can help!