Are you starting a company from scratch? If so, deciding which pieces of technology you want to use – or which ones you can afford – might seem like a big hurdle. It’s easy for entrepreneurs to overspend on devices and apps they don’t need, or to find themselves without tools they could use to grow quickly because they didn’t have the right planning framework in place.

Obviously, we would recommend that anyone building a company from the ground up speak with us before they start spending money. We might be able to help them make smarter decisions that will benefit them in the long run.

In the meantime, though, today we want to share seven smart IT tips for brand-new businesses. They have been gleaned from our 20+ years serving entrepreneurs throughout Southern California.

#1 Develop a Cohesive Tech Strategy
You should never make tech decisions or investments without considering context first. You wouldn’t begin your company without a business plan, so don’t start spending money without a tech strategy in place that supports your overall business goals. You should know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and how you can use the right hardware, software, and devices to help.

#2 Start with What You Need (and Save for What You Want)
In our experience, spending too much too soon is a huge risk for most entrepreneurs. The best philosophy is usually to figure out which pieces of technology you need to fulfill the core demands of your business. Then, you can make plans to expand or upgrade as your business grows and generates more revenue.

#3 Don’t Set Up New Tech on Your Own
You might be tempted to save some money by installing your own devices, software, or workstations. We would recommend you think twice about that notion. For one thing, a good IT partner can configure everything to work perfectly from day one. Additionally, we can make sure your hardware and software integrates seamlessly, and even address things like ergonomics for your comfort and productivity.

#4 Ask Lots of Questions
You might not be an expert in technology, but you don’t have to be. You just need to know what you want to be able to do within your business. If you have a reliable IT partner on your side they will be happy to answer your questions, particularly when it comes to things like creating a budget or setting up a new office or facility for your team.

#5 Emphasize Convenience and Security
When trying to decide whether a certain piece of software or equipment is worth the money, ask yourself whether it will enhance either convenience or security. That is, will it make it easier for you and your team to do their jobs or keep you protected from theft and unexpected data loss? If so, it’s probably worth a little extra, given that investments in productivity and almost always stability pay off over time.

#6 Prepare for the Worst
Entrepreneurs tend to overlook the value of things like backup and data recovery planning for a couple of reasons. First, they typically don’t have a lot of money to spend and are looking for ways to cut costs. And second, they may feel like they don’t have enough confidential information to protect. However, they may quickly find out they are wrong on both counts when the unexpected occurs. Be smart and prepare for the worst as you configure your technology.

#7 Get Help Bringing Your Vision to Life
You already have a dream or vision of what your new business will look like in the future. By trying to make decisions about technology your own, you run the risk of overlooking crucial details or making avoidable mistakes. Get help from an experienced IT consultant who can find the devices and software you need to bring that idea to life.

Want to Get Your Startup off on the Right Foot?
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