We have lots of warm feelings for the business owners and companies we serve, and appreciate that so many of them are willing to share their own positive reviews and referrals with their colleagues.

In that spirit, we want to use today’s post to highlight the qualities business owners and executives compliment most about our firm. Here are seven quick things that make you love (or at least appreciate) your managed services provider…

#1 Fast and Friendly Service

When you have an IT emergency your vendor should respond quickly. Your problem should be their problem. And, it should go without saying that the technicians and support staff you work with should be friendly, client-focused, and committed to providing you with clear solutions or explanations.

#2 A Willingness to Make New Friends

Does your IT partner play well with your existing staff? Whether you have in-house tech personnel or frontline employees who need to interact with your IT vendor from time to time, they should be shown the same respect you would be. Don’t settle for anything less.

#3 The Right Technical Expertise

We probably shouldn’t have to mention this, but your outsourced IT provider should be able to handle repairs, installations, upgrades, and other issues quickly and professionally. If they don’t have the right skills and certifications, then it’s going to become a problem in your business.

#4 Preparation Against the Unknown

As a business owner you probably spend most of your time worrying about the here and now. However, your IT partner should always be asking “what if?” That means keeping you prepared with backup files, disaster recovery plans, and other contingency strategies in case they are needed.

#5 A Clear Pricing Strategy

Good communication is at the heart of every strong relationship, and that includes talking about money. You shouldn’t have to guess how much IT providers are going to charge you from one quarter to the next. Neither should there be any ambiguity about which services you are or aren’t paying for.

#6 Flexible Service Packages

Speaking of plans and pricing, your IT vendor needs to put your company’s needs first. That means giving you flexible options to upgrade or pull back on services as needed. You can’t predict the future, so it only makes sense to leave yourself a bit of wiggle room with your schedule and budget.

#7 Support When You Need It

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the right way to handle an IT question or investment? In addition to helping you solve problems, your IT vendor should provide consultation when needed to ensure you’re making decisions that line up with your bigger business goals.

Are You Enamored With Your Current IT Vendor?

If you aren’t exactly filled with warm feelings about your existing IT provider, then it might be time for a break. We promise it won’t be all that hard to meet someone new and have them treat you right. In fact, all you need to do is contact a member of our sales team so we can schedule a time to talk.

Why wait? Reach out to Fantastic IT today so we can ensure you’re getting the service and attention your business deserves!