In the last few years working from home has gone from being a novelty to a temporary arrangement and (eventually) a necessity for many. As more and more spare bedrooms are becoming permanent offices, however, lots of us are wondering what we can do to become more comfortable and productive.

Today, we want to share seven of the most underrated home office components you can invest in. You might not want all of these, or to get them all at once, but each one deserves a place on your wish list.

Let’s start with the one item that can make or break your home office from the start.

#1 An Ergonomic Chair

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good office chair, but if you get the purchase right you feel like a million bucks. Not only will a great chair help you reduce back pain, but it will also keep you energized through those long days at your desk.

#2 A Sit/Stand Desk

You’ve probably heard by now that sitting for extended periods of time isn’t great for your body. With an adjustable desk, you can stay in your comfortable chair for part of the day and then stand when you need a bit more energy or a change of pace.

#3 A Wireless Headset

If you’re going to have the freedom to stand, then why not roam around? A wireless headset is perfect for taking calls, dictating notes, or just pacing around while you collect your thoughts on a specific project. It’s a simple and affordable upgrade for almost any home office.

#4 An Extra-Wide Computer Monitor

If you’re someone who often finds that your desk is getting cluttered, then an extra-wide computer monitor could be the key. When you can open two or three windows at the same time, it reduces the need for printed papers that mess up your working space.

#5 A Document Scanner

Speaking of paperwork, why keep printed pages around when you could scan them and organize your files by date and keyword? This will help you keep your office clean while also putting important information right at your fingertips.

#6 A Cord Organizing System

Aesthetically speaking, it feels great to have power and connection cords tucked out of sight. And even if you weren’t concerned about the look and feel of your home office, having cords organized is safer because it reduces fire risks and gives you one less thing to trip over.

#7 An Outlet and Surge Protector

If you’ve ever had the power go out in your home office right when you are in the middle of an important call or document, then you know just how frustrating it can be. Protect yourself at home the way you would in the office with the right outlet and surge protection device.

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