The New Year is here, and that means business owners and executives throughout Southern California are going to be thinking about ways they can improve their businesses. In our experience, most small and medium-sized companies don’t pay enough attention to their tech when it comes to setting goals and trimming budgets.

So, just in case you haven’t been finding the savings and answers you need, let’s look at seven ways you can get more from your business technology in 2019 and beyond…

#1 Make Sure Your Tech is Running the Way it Should
Small tech problems – like persistent error messages and slow network performance – can be a real drain on your productivity. They don’t just aggravate you and your team, they can actually serve as a warning sign for bigger problems in the future. If you’ve been ignoring lingering tech issues for a while, now is a great time to have them resolved by a professional team of service providers.

#2 Find a Provider with an Affordable Managed Services Plan
No business should be paying for emergency IT repairs in this day and age. With a managed services agreement in place you can get all the IT care you need, including 24/7 help desk support, for one low monthly fee. That’s a great way to even out your cash flow and prevent minor tech annoyances from becoming expensive problems later.

#3 Pay Attention to Passwords and Data Security
It seems like this is a big theme every year, but 2018 showed us that businesses of all sizes are still at a very real risk to hackers and online thieves. If you don’t have smart procedures in place to rotate secure passwords, or having invested in the right tools to keep criminals away from sensitive data, there isn’t any time to waste.

#4 Get That Emergency Backup Plan in Place
Sometimes the biggest threats to your company aren’t other people, but predictable events like lightning strikes, flash floods, and hardware failures. Every business, no matter how big or small, needs to have an extensive backup and data recovery plan in place. If yours doesn’t leave you filled with confidence then you should take this opportunity to protect your company.

#5 Look for Ways to Make Your Business Run More Smoothly
Right now there is probably an app, device, or solution that could help you and your team work just a little more efficiently. Perhaps it’s automated bookkeeping entries, real-time data sharing tools, or a piece of software that allows you to manage customer relationships with less time and effort. The start of a new year gives you the perfect opportunity to look for ways you can use affordable tech to keep your business running more smoothly.

#6 Trim the Fat in Your IT Budget
You could be wasting thousands (or a lot more) on technology every year. We know because we constantly deal with companies that are paying for redundant software packages, apps and services they no longer need, and hardware protection plans that don’t actually keep them covered. Why not let an IT partner who knows your business look for areas where you can cut back without losing anything?

#7 Align Your Business and IT Strategies
Although new clients typically turn to us for general IT maintenance and repairs, some of our most valuable work comes in the form of planning and consultation. Whatever you want to do with your business in 2019 and beyond, a good IT vendor can help you find ways to cut costs and be more effective using smart tech strategies.

Need Help With Your Business IT Strategy?
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