Have you ever noticed the way some business owners and executives seem to “get” technology and profit from it, while others always seem to be dealing with unexpected issues and expenses? 

Often, those who struggle with IT think the difference is in technical savvy. They imagine their more successful counterparts know everything about apps and devices, while they themselves simply can’t keep up. The truth, however, is a lot simpler. The business leaders who get technology right simply share the right mindsets. They approach tech differently, so they get better results.

If you’re wondering what sets them apart, then this is the post you’ve been looking for. Let’s look at seven winning attitudes the best business owners and executives have about IT.

#1 Preventative Care Is Better Than Emergency Service

It is far, far better to have a reliable managed services partner looking after your systems and performing proactive care than it is to pay for emergency IT hours at critical times. In other words, preparation is the greater part of success, and that starts with choosing the right vendor.

#2 IT Support Should Be a Predictable Expense

This goes hand-in-hand with our first point. When you have a predictable IT budget through a reliable managed services provider, you know what you’ll be spending one quarter to the next. That makes it easier to handle cash flow than it would be if you were seeing your expenses go up and down throughout the year.

#3 The Point of Business Technology Is to Support Your Business Plan

Computers, mobile devices, and apps are all fantastic business tools… but only if they support your underlying short- and long-term strategies. In other words, you shouldn’t be spending anything that isn’t going to bring you a return and help you advance your vision for the future.

#4 Education and Training Are Part of the Technology Mix

You can have the best tech in your industry and it won’t mean anything if you and your employees can’t use it effectively. Not only does training help you improve efficiency, but it is also a key factor for data security. Plan and budget accordingly.

#5 It’s Important to Be Prepared for Disaster to Strike

Someday, probably when you least expect it, a fire, flood, or power surge is going to wipe out critical equipment or digital records. The time to prepare for that eventuality is long before it happens. Talk to your managed services provider about backup and disaster recovery today.

#6 IT Support Means Vision as Well as Service

You should absolutely expect your managed services partner to be able to help with any tech-related crisis you run into. However, they should also be able to assist you with planned upgrades, IT budgeting, and other strategic tasks when requested.

#7 Your IT Vendor Should Be More Like an IT Partner

It’s not enough for your technical support vendor to show up and make repairs when you call. They should be looking ahead, analyzing your business, and making smart recommendations when they can. Their goal should be to see you succeed, not just to add you to a stack of invoices.

Ready to Make Technology a Strength for Your Business?

Winning with technology seems like a mystery until your business is the one spending less and doing more. If you want to find out what it’s like to get the guidance and advice you need, then contact our sales team today to schedule a free consultation.