Technology can be a huge source of strength and efficiency for your company. Or, it can be a budget item that seems endless and unpredictable.

Nearly every week we talk with a business owner or executive who has come to us because they feel like unplanned tech expenses are making it difficult for them to balance their budgets. In our initial consultations, they tell us that they don’t just want their hardware and software to work the right way, but also to get some clarity on what they’ll be spending from one month or quarter to the next.

To help you avoid the same kinds of frustrations, let’s look at a few common causes of erratic IT budgets, along with their solutions.

Problem #1: A Break/Fix IT Business Model
If your IT plan consists of calling an outsourced provider when something breaks, then expenses are always going to be unpredictable. After all, you can’t possibly know when a piece of equipment is going to fail, or that you’re going to have an unanticipated issue with software that has been installed.

Solution: A Managed Services Agreement

A managed services agreement changes your IT billing from random invoices to a monthly, predictable expense. In exchange, your outsourced team can be proactive about solving problems. That means your tech works the way it’s supposed to, and you don’t have to deal with bills that go up and down randomly.

Problem #2: Reliance on Inadequate Products
Does it sometimes feel like none of the tech you buy works the way it is supposed to? Some business owners and executives accept this as a fact of life, but it’s usually a sign they are investing in the wrong tools and solutions. If your devices aren’t reliable, you’re probably saving a little money up front but spending more later.

Solution: Better Long-Term IT Planning

A good outsourced IT partner can help you find hardware and devices that can stand up to everyday business needs. They may even be able to help you get brand-name tools at a discount by taking advantage of rebates, volume discounts, and other business-only incentives.

Problem #3: Poor IT Budgeting
In some cases, new clients come to us confused by IT spending because they either haven’t kept track of past receipts or aren’t sure about reasonable budgeting amounts. In other words, they don’t know how much their tech should cost, or what past spending trends have been like.

Solution: Customized IT Consulting

In these situations, we work with our clients to help them determine their real needs – from both a financial and IT perspective – so they can set realistic plans and budgets going forward. The important thing is that these plans are based on their needs and constraints, not arbitrary ideas. That almost always helps them to save money.

Looking for Real Solutions to Your Business IT Challenges?
At Fantastic IT in Los Angeles, we don’t deal in quick fixes or temporary solutions. We know our clients need reliable technology maintenance and planning at affordable rates. If you’re looking for answers to your problems today and help avoiding tech headaches in the future, contact us to schedule a free consultation!