The great thing about technology is that it’s always changing and (mostly) getting better. Things that seemed like science fiction when we were children are commonplace today. And ideas that could transform the way we work are always coming to the forefront.

Many of these advancements are obvious, but once in a while, they slip under the radar. For instance, we are constantly amazed at how many business owners we meet with who aren’t taking advantage of a significant tool that can help them do more while spending less.

What is this mystery IT invention? It isn’t 5G, mobile web design, advanced automation, artificial intelligence, or even geo-tracking – as impressive as each of these is. No, what we are referring to is the simple practice of using managed services agreements.

In case you’re one of the few who hasn’t heard or tried this practice, the idea is simple: instead of paying for IT as a huge, unexpected expense when needed suddenly (typically during an emergency), you retain a trusted team for one low monthly fee. Your provider, in turn, keeps your business running smoothly without you having to schedule every service call.

You might be thinking to yourself that this isn’t as revolutionary as some technological breakthroughs. Maybe not in a technical sense, but it can change your business in the same way. If you think we are overselling our own business model, then consider the following…

Managed Services Agreements Make IT Less Expensive

Not only are managed services plans more predictable than erratic IT spending, but they also save lots of money in the long run. We have yet to meet a business owner who doesn’t want to trim an expense from their bottom line and smooth out their cash flow all at once.

You Get Better Technology Care With a Managed Services Agreement

Would you rather have an IT vendor be proactive about keeping your business running or charging you an hourly rate to deal with an emergency? We think the answer is fairly obvious. And, it points out exactly why you get better care from your IT partner with a managed services agreement.

Good IT Support Should Take Place Behind the Scenes

Our industry used to be very reactive. We would wait for things to break and then get paid to fix them. However, with the growth of managed services agreements, we have gotten better and better at providing our clients with the service they need without any disruption to their everyday activities.

Managed Services Agreements Make Your Business More Scalable

One of the huge (and often underrated) benefits of a managed services agreement is that it lets you increase or decrease your level of service as your priorities change. Whether your company is growing or cutting back, you can pay for the plan you need and nothing more.

The Bottom Line on Managed Services

When you add it all up it’s easy to see why switching to a managed services arrangement makes your business more nimble and efficient. That might not be as exciting as switching to a high-speed connection, but it has the same effect for you and your employees. In fact, upgrading your IT service is a more predictable way to become more profitable and effective.

If you want to learn more about this way of working with your IT team, then contact our sales crew today. We’ll be happy to walk through different plans and options with you so you can make the best decision for your business.