Is Data Backup Worth it? Absolutely it is. In this blog, we take a hard look at the stats around data loss and what that means for businesses of all sizes.

Data Loss It’s Huge

Data loss has become such a commonplace occurrence that your average insurance company is adding data loss coverage to their service offerings. For the most part, this is all about big data, though small businesses face just as much of hardship, with fewer resources, than mega companies.

Data loss involves malicious elements such as ransomware, hackers, and sometimes employees – past and present. Each of those vectors illustrates why data backup is worth the cost. The good news is that data recovery and backup is affordable.

Data Backup – It’s Changed

Gone are the days when you had to fumble around with those special disks and that little drive that plugged into your computer’s USB port. Thankfully! Today, data backup is simple, fast, and remarkably effective.

One of the hurdles to backing up data for businesses was the huge amount of time that it took to copy every file on your hard drive. Well, the good news is that with Fantastic IT Services, you don’t have to do that anymore. In fact, we don’t have to do that anymore either. Instead, we do direct imaging or data replication, which snaps a picture of your data. This process is much faster, capturing everything and storing it electronically and securely in the cloud. If you suffer a data loss, the image of your data restores all of your data without headache.

What is Data Replication?

Data replication uses technology that can interpret and then recreate data based off an image. That process makes data backup a snap- literally. Because technology improves, data backup through data replication removes many of the old barriers to backing up data. Those were:

  • The long time investment needed for copying files
  • The danger of losing data because files did not copy correctly, or saving data overtop of other data, and disk contamination issues.
  • The process now does not involve disks and data is stored strategically. Because the process is not about copying files, it is much faster.
The Cost of Data Loss

The estimation in 2017 that data loss will approach 1.8 trillion dollars. No, that is not a typo, 1.8 trillion dollars. For many small businesses, the loss of data is a door closer. For huge companies, it is a drastic loss of revenue. Data loss is no joke, and it can happen in the blink of an eye. Ransomware locks you out of your computer and often then destroys your data. Hackers are eager to steal data because it is valuable to them in many ways. Disgruntled employees often delete data to get back at their boss and sometimes it is human error that destroys data.

Can your company afford to lose its data? Reach out to the professionals at Fantastic IT Services with questions about data loss and data recovery. Give us a call for personalized answers to your business’s unique needs.

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Is data backup worth it? With the 2017 cost for data loss approaching $1.8 trillion the answer is yes, data recovery and backup are worthy it. For small businesses data loss likely means closing your doors. Learn more about how data backup is easier and affordable by reading this blog.

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The expectation that data loss will top $2.0 trillion by 2020 is not an exaggeration, but a sad reality. Is data backup worth it? Learn more about data loss, data replication, and how to limit your business’s risk of data loss by reading this blog by Fantastic IT Services.