Usually, when business owners and executives are evaluating various IT vendors, they think in terms of technical certifications, hourly rates, and testimonials from previous clients. However, with remote helpdesks and other online evaluation options available, it’s worth asking: does the location of your IT provider matter?

If this is something you haven’t thought much about in the past, you aren’t alone. Some businesses want to work with another company that’s located just down the street; others are happy to primarily meet over Skype and aren’t concerned if their IT partner is across the globe.

What sort of device can we give in this area? Here are some quick thoughts on the way geography factors into the quality of your outsourced IT…

Closer is Usually Better

In a perfect world, your IT vendor would be located next door to your business. Not only would that eliminate communications barriers and ensure you didn’t have any language or cultural issues to overcome, but it would mean that your provider could reach your location quickly.

It’s easy to forget this these day, but a lot of important IT support needs to be done on-site, especially when it comes to installing or evaluating hardware. While some jobs can be handled virtually, or with video calls, you will likely need your IT vendor to visit you at some point.

Multiple Offices are Better Than One

While it’s great to have a local IT contact, it’s also helpful to work with a business that has more than one location. That way you have more redundancy and a few extra layers of protection when you need them.

When we are helping clients to sort out their backup and disaster recovery strategies, we highlight the need to have important files stored in remote locations just in case something happens to an office or facility. The same principle applies here. When your IT vendor has more than one location, they can distribute equipment, personnel, and even particular types of talent from one place to another as needed.

It’s All About Coverage

Although we have hopefully made the point that it’s better to have an IT provider with a local office or location, the fact of the matter is that the bigger issue has to do with coverage. That is, you want a vendor who can respond to your requests quickly.

In many situations, it will be easier for a local vendor to call you or visit your business if they operate nearby. However, you don’t want to choose a partner simply by looking at a map. A business that prioritizes accessibility and quick response times might be a better fit, even if they have to drive a few miles to get to you.

Need IT Care You Can Count On?

It’s no coincidence that businesses often turn to us after they have tried working with another outsourced technology provider. Nothing teaches you the value of hiring the best like wishing you were getting more for your budget.

To find out why we’ve earned industry awards and customer praise for our responsiveness, value, and technical expertise, contact a member of the Fantastic IT sales team today. We will be happy to schedule a free consultation so you can learn exactly how we can help your company thrive with personalized recommendations.